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Sedatives and C sections

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bunsen Wed 13-Aug-08 20:22:32

Is it just me who finds the whole idea of a c section awake and fully compus mentus a terrifying thought? I had one 2 years ago. I was not in pain as I did not go into Labour, so didn't have any pethedine or gas and air. I was highly strung when it came to the midwife suggesting that I needed a section. The anesthetist said if I couldn't handle it, I would have to go under General Anesthetic, so I did.
Anybody have anthing to help their nerves? I am pregnant again and could easily end up having another section. Also does anyone else remember whether forceps were used during cesarean? I was wondering if this is normal practice, as I was in some real pain afterwards, I couldn't lay down for 2 weeks.
Thanks for any of your experiences in advance!

heron22 Thu 14-Aug-08 09:39:35

hi, i had a section with DS and had an epidural. i was completely awake and it took no time at all for my DS to be delivered into my arms.

no forceps was used! there is no need at all.

i was up and walking the next day, in fact, i was encouraged by the physio to walk gently to avoid blood clots and for a faster recovery time.

i was given some tablets to take and i was not in pain at all.

i am not sure why you were in so much pain - do you have access to your notes?

mamadiva Thu 14-Aug-08 09:55:18

I had an ECS with DS 2 years ago after 16 hours of labour, had no gas and air or anything else for pain as had only been in hospital for 2 hours.

I was fully awake during it with a spinal block, and no forceps or anythiing like that were used, I was up and walking the next day with no pain at all the MW's even had to try and convinve me to take pain killers but I didn't want them.

It really isn't that bad honest! I found getting prepped was worse with catheter, drips and spinal going in but I was contracting every 45 seconds so may have intensified it all. Once all that is done it's just a case of lying down whilst they cut baby out and sew you up took about an hour I think. Not long at all before I was back on the ward.

bunsen Thu 14-Aug-08 13:02:22

They used forceps to get my ds out so I suppose it must have been difficult, I was glad that I wasn't awake because that would have upset me, them pulling and tugging.
Anyone else get offered a sedative? Like valium or whatever?

AtheneNoctua Thu 14-Aug-08 17:33:21

I have had two section. Fist was an emergency and I was knocked out. When it came time for the second (elective) I seriously considered asking them to knock me out. I thought the loss of control lying there on the table would be horrible. The day before the op I met with the anaesthetist to dicuss the options. I asked about a general and he talked me out of it -- persuaded me that a local carried less risk for baby and me. Now I've had a few ops under general so I'm not really bothered about going under. But, I agreed to local and it was fine. After the op I was glad I had had the local so I could remember the birth which was lovely. With the first one it's like I wasn't even there. So, I would would say go for the local. It's really not that bad. (and I am a girl who likes to be in control)

meglet Thu 14-Aug-08 21:23:49

I had an em cs but wasn't offered a sedative, no forceps used either. Although I think it would be understandable to want something to calm you down, but I suppose if they do an em-cs they wouldn't have enough time for a sedative to kick in. Plus the fact it may alter your blood pressure and they might not be able to monitor you accurately.

It does suprise me that so many women are ok with a cs (including myself) as it's not a pretty sight, when I look back the things that stick in my mind are seeing a screaming blue DS and the insides of my tummy. DP was a bit queasy though.

moocowme Fri 15-Aug-08 20:57:33

I opted for a GA for my elective. I am glad I did as I only have good memories about seeing my son for the first time.

jimjamshaslefttheyurt Fri 15-Aug-08 20:59:39

I found my elective the worse, the 2 in labour sections I found less clinical.

I was terrified before my third (in labour). I clutched the anaesthetists hand and downed homeopathic aconite (for fear of death). Once it got going it was OK.

MrsMattie Sat 16-Aug-08 12:09:01

I had an elective (of sorts - had to have it after failed induction, so no 'emergency') and was shitting myself. I nearly passed out from the fear while they were doing my epidural shock. However, once the operation started I felt very calm and sort of spaced out. There was absolutely no pain at all and the atmosphere in the operating theatre was very serene and not scary at all. And it was lovely to see my son the second he was born. I hate the idea of a general unless absolutely necessary.

hockeypuck Sat 16-Aug-08 12:20:01

There are many more risks with a General. I had an emergency section and an elective one both with spinal blocks and neither with a sedative or anything. It's really not that bad. You don't feel any pain during the op, just a little bit of like someone has their hands inside you,a bit strange and it can make you feel a little light headed but it is over so quickly. 5 minutes after the first incision you have your baby with you while they stitch you up (which you don't notice as you have your baby to look at).

They had to use forceps with both my caesarians, but with an elective one it is altogether more relaxed. Of course it hurts afterwards, it major surgery (I'll ignore what blueskygrey has said on he other crazy thread), but it's all manageable with medication. I asked for more pain killers with the second section (being altogether more empowered second time around) and they gave me some lovely extra ones which made a big difference.

The main thing with a spinal block as opposed to a GA is that you are up and moving around quicker which speeds recovery, helps prevent clots and makes you feel more normal quicker.

LackaDAISYcal Sat 16-Aug-08 12:38:39

go for a local, with a good birth plan in place you can still make it as personal to you as you like and can be given the baby to hold very soon after labour. I was feeding both my DCs within half an hour of delivery and had been holding them in theatre before being wheeled through to recovery.

The recovery depends on lots of things and there is not one size fits all.

With DS, an emCS with forceps as he was stuck so far down, I was up and about the next day and doing normal stuff within a week and the pain was OK as long as I kept the pain meds up. With DD, an elective, I was on my feet within 12 hours but due to a reaction to one of the painkillers I had to stop taking it and was in a lot more pain than with DS, then a wound infection delayed my recovery still further and it took me four weeks before I was up and about as normal. I'd had AND then PND with DD though and was still very distressed and anxious after delivery so I do wonder whether this had any effect on my recovery.

Good Luck, whatever you decide smile

Helen16 Mon 18-Aug-08 21:18:14

Hope all goes well. Did not relish the thought of a c-section at all as sensitive about being touched on my back. But had an emergency section under spinal block which was very effective for me. You really don't feel that much and baby is with you so quickly you don't notice the time it takes to stitch up. They did use forceps to get baby out, but did not make wound any worse. Was up and about really quickly. Just don't try to get down the floor afterwards to change nappies as this can cause the wound to heal slower.

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