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Remind me what can't you do after a C-section, especially as I will have a toddler too

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Tapster Wed 13-Aug-08 18:10:30

I had an EMCS with DD, and will probably be advised to have a c-section with my second at my booking in appointment next week.

I know I can't drive for 6 weeks. When can I push a pram with both of them in? When can I pick up my toddler up, lift her into car seat/bath/high chair?

Probably will hire a post natal doula and trying to work out how many hours I will need to budget for.

spottedandstriped Wed 13-Aug-08 19:26:20

I was advised not to lift anything heavier than my baby for six weeks. To be honest, couldn't push pram initially - was about a month before I felt really able to do this. Anything which involves using your stomach muscles - lifting toddler/car seat/driving is out for a few weeks I would think [by the way I had a friend who pushed it after c section and had to go back as a hernia developed - so would advise you to take it easy and get a doula for as many hours as you can afford]

Amberc Wed 13-Aug-08 19:42:37

I overdid it after my c section by walking a mile and back very slowly with the pram about 2 weeks afterwards. Thing is everyone is different but I would also go with spotted and say get help for as long as you can afford.

ChukkyPig Wed 13-Aug-08 19:45:24

I think it depends on how quickly you recover. The advice is basically don't do anything which makes you feel uncomfortable at all and don't force yourself to do stuff. I also seem to remember something about not lifting baskets of washing (chance would be a fine think whether recent CS or otherwise!!!).

I was lucky and was doddering around pretty quickly but it really does vary. Doula sounds like a great idea. Difficult to say how long you will need for recovery though as really no hard and fast answer as to how long recovery will take. Does your DH/family remember how long you were out of action last time? That might give you a guide.

traceybath Wed 13-Aug-08 19:49:25

I've had 2 c-sections and drove both times at 3 weeks as felt fine. Had to have Dr's say so for insurance purposes.

I pushed pram when baby was 2 weeks but just with one baby in. Don't think i lifted my heavy 3 year old for a while though.

I did up my cleaner's hours and got my ironing done for a couple of months though.

Think i had two easy experiences though and am sure my combination of painkillers and homeopathic remedies helped.

In fact i recovered quicker from the second c-section i think.

Tapster Wed 13-Aug-08 20:01:59

I struggled with my first c-section, I didn't feel right until my DD was 12 weeks old. Although by 6 weeks I could push the pram shortish distances and drive.

I can't imagine my DD who will be 2.4 when the next one is born can manage without a bit of lifting. I will try and get her used to it before hand of course - may have to buy her a little table and chairs to eat her meals in I suppose.

Very limited family help DH will take 2 weeks paternity leave and will probably take a day off a week for 5 weeks. Considering putting DD into a preschool that will take her from 2 years 2 months to ease my load as PIL have just announced they are cutting down their visits to once every 3 weeks and even then they only come from 11am - and thats the only help other than DH. Most of my local friends are also expecting their second child at the same time so not much help from them available.

TheMadHouse Wed 13-Aug-08 20:08:50

My first section was a crash one and it took longer to heal.

I had a second section when DS1 was 15 months. DH took two weeks off and after that I kind of just managed. I was driving with the doctors OK after 2 weeks. Lifting in to high chair, bathing, pushing in the pram etc.

I think that I am unusual though. I had a gyny op 3 weeks ago and was back on my feet and back to normal 2 days post op and also after my gall blader removal back to work after 3 days and I was 20 weeks pregnant grin

I think that you do what you feel upto. If I had more help, i would have possibly took it easier, but saying that it works for me

Dragonhart Wed 13-Aug-08 20:11:25

My ds was 17.5 months when I had a cs with my dd and he was a very heavy boy (98th+ centile). I had 3 weeks help from DH doing all the lifting then a week with my PIL here to do it. In that 4th week, I started to push the pram for a short 5-10min walk with DS and dd in (so quite heavy) but couldnt have done it any longer. I just increased it gradualy. In the 5th week I was lifting ds in and out of his cot.

Depends on how old your toddler is really though. I spent the last few months of preg teaching ds to go up and down the stairs, he was sitting on a normal chair with booster so taught him to climb up himself and he can only have baths afew times a week so he had them on days DH was off. He could climb into his carseat with a bit of a boost so didnt have to lift him, but DH and I share a car so it wasnt really an issue for me.

I recovered well and didnt have any problems btw.

OatcakeCravings Wed 13-Aug-08 20:13:49

I think it all depends how you feel. I was told not to carry anything heavier than my baby but given he was nearly 9lbs I managed with washing baskets etc. I was out for walks pushing the pram after about 10 days and by 14 days was walking several miles, albeit slowly. Don't have any toddlers to carry though so can't help there.

Good luck btw smile

dizzydixies Wed 13-Aug-08 20:18:08

no pushing supermarket trolleys / hoovering /loading or unloading washing machine etc

no lifting anything heavier than baby

take some arnica too to help you heal

Hopeysgirlwasntbig Wed 13-Aug-08 20:20:11

Apparently the guideline for not being able to drive for 6 weeks is outdated. My GP had attended a meeting last yr where they were explaining this. It's down to the individual, you basically need the go ahead from your GP then you can drive as soon as you feel well.

I stupidly over did it after my CS, I felt so well (physically), but didn;t take into account the fact that everything internally needed time to heal too.

I popped my stitches and ended up with an infection, which I hear is all too common.

I basically was pretty much trying to carry on as normal about a week post birth, our circumstances bit difficult because DH has a paralysed arm so lifting stuff is pretty much down to me, had a few pretty painful moments when I tried to bend down and get things out of cupboards, I think I should have listened to my body more!

It all ended up ok, couple of courses of antibiotics and LOTS of dressing changes I was fine.

Sorry. Have waffled, not sure if I've helped at all!

Tapster Wed 13-Aug-08 20:54:30

I am hoping I will feel alot better after an elective than an emergency after 24 hours of induced labour.

I'm worried about being housebound even though I live in a town centre. DD might be able to walk far enough to playground by then without carrying (I can live in hope) but I can't really do the sling with the baby as I found being so short and DD was over 9lbs and kicked my scar as I walked. Sounds like I need alot of help up to 4 weeks at least.

dizzydixies Wed 13-Aug-08 21:02:18

TAPSTER sorry for shouting, have just had dc3 by elective and can honestly say its a completely different exp to a long labour followed by emcs that I had with dc2

could you do a sling thing but with baby in a position across your body away from scar? I bought a close carrier and you can do it with that?

hth smile

Tapster Thu 14-Aug-08 09:28:19

Thanks Dixie good idea about the sling looked at the space between my boobs and my scar and I'm so short that I don't think a baby would fit across. You can imagine how big and round I get when pregnant, almost as wide as I am tall!

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