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When does tummy feel normal after CS?

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artyjoe Mon 14-Feb-05 15:48:04

I had a CS nearly 4 weeks ago and a good portion of my tummy is still numb. I tried to lie on tummy last night and it was painful near my ribcage for some reason rather than near the scar.

I've got a luxury day at a health spa coming up on March 10th (christmas pressie from DP) but am wondering whether I should postpone as it entails full body massage and I'm not sure if I'll be comfortable to be on tummy by then. I heard via a friend of a friend that the numb tummy may last for up to six this true?

Not sure if it makes any difference but I'm overweight so had, and still have, a wobbly belly!

After my 6 week check can I go swimming or is that not a good idea either?

Any advice or tips would be much appreciated.

Thanks - Joe

jane313 Mon 14-Feb-05 15:57:36

My nubmness last for at least a year. But it was never uncomfortable just odd. The only pain was the first few weeks on the actual scar. I think I didn't do proper exercise/go swimming till 3 months but only cos I had a very bad back at about 6 weeks.

NotQuiteCockney Mon 14-Feb-05 15:57:55

Numb tummy can be permanent. After my first CS, I had a numb tummy until I was next heavily pregnant - almost three years later!

But I was certainly comfortable on my stomach from maybe 6 weeks after? Hard to say, as it's not comfortable lying on breastfeeding boobs, so I've never got back into the habit of lying that way.

After the 6 week check, you can do normal exercise, and there are some exercises you can do even before that - did you get a leaflet from the hospital?

I did more exercise between DS1 and DS2 than I'd done before, lots of Tae Bo and pilates, and ended up with better abs than I'd had pre-pregnancy.

miam Mon 14-Feb-05 16:01:01

Joe, hate to say it but I had an emergency cs 4 years ago, and am still numb! But it does not bother me atall. I can't remember much about the recovery process, but I would imagine if everything has healed well there should be no problems with going swimming (will be put right in no time if that is rubbish!!).

jane313 Mon 14-Feb-05 16:05:16

oh yes i forgot I did do the hospital exercises before, they ran clsses too (afger 6 weeks) . I felt very smug as my stomach muscles had meshed together again really early. Unfortunately my stomach was still the biggest!

highlander Mon 14-Feb-05 17:08:20

AJ, sorry to hear that . Don't let it put you off your spa day though - these treats are few and far between!

My scar/tummy felt completely normal by your stage I'm afraid. I was very fit though before the op; don't know if that's made any difference?

charlie95 Mon 14-Feb-05 19:39:01

exactly same here miam!
am pg now - baby due 4 wks time - opting for cs.

but, joe sorry, cant really rmemeber what it was like after last cs - mine was four yrs ago too.
and part of my stomach is still numb now.
i just remember looking down at my stomach one morning the week i came home from hospital with ds and realising how quick the pgcy flab had gone down. just a little, almost shrivelled, slight wobble of a pot belly - wasnt even expecting that cos i thought it would have been worse. but i guess it would be uncomfortable to lay on tummy for a while afterwards. theres so many things that arent advisable to do after cs as you probably know.
im not sure about your health farm thingy - sorry. but best wait til aftter 6 wk check.

FionaJT Wed 16-Feb-05 13:52:18

Hi, I had an emergency c-section 6 weeks ago, and I lay on my stomach for the first time after 5 weeks, for a much needed massage! It was fine - as someone else said it was my breasts that made it uncomfortable!!

highlander Wed 16-Feb-05 16:47:09

FJT, DS is 6 months and I still can't lie on my tummy at night cos of the rock hard boobies

Amanda3266 Wed 16-Feb-05 16:49:03

Hi there,

My tummy stayed numb in places for nearly a year after my section - after about the first six weeks it was mainly around the scar. Quite normal apparently.

nightowl Wed 16-Feb-05 23:11:11

well i never got the feeling back after my ds and he is 8 this year. sorry! (though suspect 2nd cs last year didnt help much). im a real wimp about my scar, couldnt even touch it for around 6 months let alone exersize!

artyjoe Thu 17-Feb-05 22:18:20

Really can't make up my mind what to do now, whether to postpone or not!

My boobs aren't sore but just under them is uncomfortable, feels like an organ hasn't gone back properly - urgh!

nbsmum Tue 22-Feb-05 21:38:34

i had dd1 16 months ago and most of the part of my tummy between belly button and scar is still slightly numb and i'm 40+3 with no 2!

aloha Tue 22-Feb-05 21:46:50

Mine's fine, I'm afraid (2nd CS last one two weeks ago today). But don't cancel your spa day. Lots of people hate being massaged on their tummies (me, for one) so you just tell your therapist not to do your tummy. It's an entirely reasonable request, and even if it was unreasonable, they would still do what you asked - you are the client! Enjoy your day. It will be just what you need. I wish I had such a luxury in my near future!

spilla Sun 27-Mar-05 16:30:49


My tummy felt numbe for nearly six months! Did have an infection staight after cs though. I wouldn't recommend swimming until wound properly healed, imagin all those bugs in the swimming pool!!

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