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OFSTEDoutstanding Mon 11-Aug-08 20:09:11

I am 38 weeks today and thought I would start writing my birth plan. For my ds I was very straight to the point listing what I would like to happen, pain relief, birthing partner etc etc. This time I was thinking of writing my birth plan with a bit of humour and not being quite so regimented! I had a great experience of the delivery suite last time (well I was in labour on there for 3 days) and some of the staff members on there really helped with that. I went for my tour the other week and some of them remembered me. I was wondering what do you all think would you think I was slightly mad if I went in with a slightly humourous birth plan even though I will make sure that all the key points have come across. Or should I just list it all down like last time?

madmouse Mon 11-Aug-08 20:15:36

You know now what they need to know, what they will not do anyway and what is really important for them to know so go for it, although my mw said they should be able to read it quickly, so it should not be too wordy with it I guess. Can you post it when you are done? Curious.

Oh hey, good to meet another 3 day labourer...Although hoping that you will be done considerably quicker this time.

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