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Royal London Hospital Whitechapel - experiences?

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Aubergenie Sun 10-Aug-08 11:41:40

Hello, Has anyone given birth in the Royal London? I'd like to hear your experiences please. Thanks!

Aubergenie Mon 11-Aug-08 07:40:52


JamInMyWellies Mon 11-Aug-08 08:15:14

I gave birth there last yr and have good and not so good experiences of it.

First off yoou need to remember is it serves a huge amount of people so therefore is vv busy and you often have to wait for things.

Also it is a v old hopsital and unfortunatley no matter what they do you cannot disguise that.

because of both of these points the hospital is often over crowded and dirty with many areas appearing to be in a shocking state.

The staff however are on the whole good but as in any hospital you will come up against nice midwifes and not so nice ones.

My story -

I gave birth to DS there in JUne 2007. I was suffering from low lying placenta and had several times in the last wks of my pregnancy to be hospitalized because of bleeding. Each time this happened I was monitored for a preiod of 24hrs and then allowed home. My birth itself although long was pretty straightforward. Throughout my labour I had 4 midwifes 2 were fab 2 were not so. I think you need to make sure you ask for information otherwise you wont get any. Also make sure you yourself are informed on what sort of birth you want. They dont have a pool so birthing is v traditional.

Gosh I am waffling if you want any more info please do let me know. HTH

frogs Mon 11-Aug-08 08:19:01

I had my wisdom teeth taken out there and would go a v. v. long way to avoid it.

Rough, rough, rough.

Can't you go to the Homerton instead?

Aubergenie Mon 11-Aug-08 08:37:30

Thanks for the replies. Frogs - was the problem with the actual care you received or with the place itself?

I'm booked into the Barkantine birthing centre in Canary Wharf, but because it's midwife led you have be low risk to give birth there. It's looking as though my risk level may be increasing so I need to look at alternatives. I will automatically be booked into the Royal London as that is the Barkantine's link hospital and it's where you get transferred if there is a problem during labour so it made sense to find out about it first.

JamInMyWellies Mon 11-Aug-08 08:48:14

The barkantine is lovely. TBH the homerston I have heard good and bad stories too but it is newer so prob looks a bit fresher.

frogs Mon 11-Aug-08 08:57:21

Both. There was a police guard at the entrance to the ward, and somebody in the bed opposite (mixed sex ward) who had a 24-hr RMN stationed by his bed. Various people kept kicking off noisily at sundry hours of the day and night.

There were several people meant to be in isolation in side wards clearly with advanced stages of active TB. The doors were left open and several of these people seemed to be wandering in and out pretty freely. The levels of barrier nursing were highly variable.

Despite me telling medical staff that I have a rare medical condition which makes a GA a risk, this information was not passed on until I'd been nil-by-mouth for 10 hours waiting for the op, at which point the consultant anaesthetist popped up at my bedside and pointed out that he hadn't been given this vital info and therefore couldn't operate until the following week.


Complete shower, the whole setup.

dizzyg Tue 12-Aug-08 16:48:21

i used to work there (not in maternity) before I had my baba but I chose not have my baby there, too busy and not as clean as it could be!! I had baby in Whipps x and though MW was not the best although did have many as had 52 hour labour!! was pleased with the hospital as a whole and having next baby there as well

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