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Urgent - sudden bleeding and pain 3 weeks after csection. Should I worry?

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IlanaK Sat 09-Aug-08 18:54:41

I had my third section 3 weeks ago. I bled for the first week and not at all after that. The midwife did say you can bleed on and off for 6 weeks so not be suprised if I did again. Anyway, today I started bleeding again and initially it was like a gush - it seemed a huge amount in a short space of time. IT has since tailed off, starting and stopping again, but not in such large amounts. I have been having period type pains all day and now there is a sharp pain on one side of my abdomen.

Is this normal or do I worry?

SanctimoniousTeeTotalPrig Sat 09-Aug-08 18:57:46

Have you been particularly busy today? What about driving? I found that after the initial bleeding had stopped I would re-start if I wore a seatbelt.

Could it be your period? It sometimes comes back this quickly.

Is it bright red? Clots?

Can you phone your community midwife team, there'll be somebody there to talk to.

sarah293 Sat 09-Aug-08 18:59:38

Message withdrawn

IlanaK Sat 09-Aug-08 19:01:22

Hmmmm....yes, it was bright red. No, I don't have a car so no driving and actually I have been here all day. The one thing I just thought of blush, I had sex the night before last. Could that be it?

eandh Sat 09-Aug-08 19:01:32

I had 2 csections and found that as soon as I started doing more (especially after dd2 as runninga round after dd1) I'd bleed again, heavy then tailing off, it would be quite red then change to brownish over 24hours

lou031205 Sat 09-Aug-08 19:02:47

You can get a clot of blood holding back fresh blood, which can then be released. I had this with DD2, sudden gush of blood. Went to hospital, scanned next day - nothing to see. They said that had I gone the day before the bleed, they probably would have seen the blood collection.

IlanaK Sat 09-Aug-08 19:46:19

Ok, thanks everyone. I will watch it over the next day and see what happens. It is tailing off now so hopefully nothing to worry about.

fizzbuzz Sat 09-Aug-08 20:42:51

I had this and was readmitted. It started about 2 1/2 weeks after c section, and literally came in a gush. It carrid on for about 2 days, but I was taken in for observation

IlanaK Sun 10-Aug-08 17:32:34

Did it turn out to be anything or was it just a precaution that you were taken in?

I am still bleeding on and off. Sometimes nothing and sometimes heavy.

fizzbuzz Sun 10-Aug-08 20:33:32

No it was nothing, although they gave me ab's as a precaution (which gave me thrush angry)

It was when I mentioned the word gush that they became alarmed hmm

I spoke to mw at hosp where dd was born. They were the ones who took me back in

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