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does being induced mean continuous monitoring?

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misdee Sun 13-Feb-05 10:53:40

i remember being hooked up to monitor the whole time with dd1 birth as was induced with syntocin(sp) drip, and have epidural.

if i avoid epidural this time, do i still have to be monitored the whole time? or can midwife use a hand held doppler to check periodically?

colditzmum Sun 13-Feb-05 11:09:14

I think they have to keep monitoring, but I am not sure. Would not have survived without my (hated and feared) epidural

pupuce Sun 13-Feb-05 11:10:57

Depends HOW they induce you.... yes you will get continuous monitoring IF you get an epidural or the syntocynon drip.
No you won't be monitored if all you need is either the gel or an ARM.... and manage to stay off the epidural (which IMO you should as labour will be faster this time).

misdee Sun 13-Feb-05 11:19:27

they will do attempts of gel, and then discuss options after that.

i dont want an epidural as my 1st experince of it was pretty poor, and tbh it was horrible.

pupuce Sun 13-Feb-05 11:35:55

Well if the gel gets you into labour you won't need the monitor. They'll break your waters next...
How many weeks will you be, remind me? Is it tomorrow?

misdee Sun 13-Feb-05 11:37:29

next monday, will be 39+1.

might be thursday if a space comes up, and if dh is back from harefield. i may turn it down if he isnt back by then.

pupuce Sun 13-Feb-05 11:38:23

It is quite possible that gel and ARM will be enough....

misdee Sun 13-Feb-05 11:38:59

what is ARM?

pupuce Sun 13-Feb-05 11:39:49

artificial rupture of membranes... breaking you waters.

misdee Sun 13-Feb-05 11:41:30


am hoping to go into natural labour before 21st, but at least i have support for childcare this week if things happen as its half term.

Gwenick Sun 13-Feb-05 12:25:53

Well I had a VBAC with my 2nd. Had already talked to the consultant and he'd agreed minimum monitoring (usually they like constant with VBAC's). However, had to be induced and so had to be monitored almost constantly - however the MW was fab, kept me out of the labour room for as long as possible (If I wasn't officaly in established labour then I didn't have to monitored) and then stopped the monitoring when the first shot of pethidine was working.

Beatie Sun 13-Feb-05 13:45:41

I was induced with gel and ARM and my midwife only monitored me for an hour. I was really grateful for that. Hopefully you'll not need the syntocin or epidural this time round as that probably makes the difference

popsycal Sun 13-Feb-05 13:47:37

I had one lot of gel and didnt have to have full monitoring but did have to have some monitoring but that was because of my BP and not the induction itself

Hazellnut Sun 13-Feb-05 14:43:55

I had gel/ ARM/ Syntocin and was not continuously monitored until the syntocin (actually may have been with the ARM I was as this was in the delivery room but can't remember -all a bit of a blur !). I didn't have an epidural and I did manage to move about a bit (you have to hold the monitor pads on but I rocked on a ball for a bit which helped !). However, my baby was considered high risk as she was so small and I was being induced 3 weeks early so this would have been a factor.

pupuce Sun 13-Feb-05 15:47:04

As I said you don't get monitored continuously with just gel or ARM but YOU DO with synto and/or an epidural.
VBACS are a different category.

Fastasleep Sun 13-Feb-05 15:51:50

I got the gel and I was lovely and dilated and getting wee contractions but it was 'policy' to give me the drip anyway!! They're meant to continually monitor you, mine didn't although they did leave me strapped to a load of monitors (and they then didn't bother reading the print outs all over the floor!) lol...I wasn't allowed to move all the way through but I managed with gas and air...

misdee Tue 15-Feb-05 21:06:32

i just dont trust those monitors since when i was induced with drip with dd1, the machine wasnt picking up contractions, or saying i was having them when i wasnt. and the midwife wouldnt listen to me, left me alone near the end, i was puking up and she came in and told me i should've pressed the bell which i couldnt reach as was strapped up to useless machine. then told me i wasnt ready to push when i was telling her i was. and i was!!!

Beatie Wed 16-Feb-05 10:19:32

When I was monitored the machine wasn't picking up my contractions either. The midwife looked at the printout after about 20-30 minutes and apologised that I'd been having contractions (she could tell by my face and breathing) in yet the machine wasn't registering them.

misdee Wed 16-Feb-05 10:34:40

i hated that midwife. she totally ruined my confidence in giving birth. and because the epidural hadnt worked properly i could feel egverything down one side, and she insisted on stiching me with no pain relief. it was horrible. but as a 1st time mum ididint know any different. dd2 birth was liek a healing experience for me.

Pinotmum Wed 16-Feb-05 10:49:22

I was induced with a pessary and there were no monitors available. I could walk around which was a god send and definitely speeded up the process, I walked through to the delivery suite, gave birth 20 mins later no pain relief as gas and air was making me feel sick, and probably still no monitors were available . Next time I going to squat in the bushes and give birth

misdee Wed 16-Feb-05 10:52:05

leaflet says i must stay on the bed for the 1st hour to allow pessery to dissolve and not move or something. so i better take a good book/mag with me. then i'll ask to wander about if possible. am hoping to be out by tuesday afternoon.

Beatie Wed 16-Feb-05 11:43:09

I got through a whole book waiting for my induction to take effect. It took 2 pessaries for me.

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