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Is it possible to have epidural sited but not 'switched on' until needed?

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bubble99 Fri 11-Feb-05 23:32:15

I'm hoping to get some advice on this before my induction on Wednesday. I am still hoping things 'kick off' on there own (following a sweep) before that. I'm 38 weeks with twins and going for a VB. Twin 1 is cephalic but twin 2 is transverse. I've been advised to have an epidural but I don't want to get stuck on the bed until absolutely necessary. A good suggestion from pupuce is to request that the epidural is sited but not activated until required. Is this possible and if so, how quickly will the effects 'kick in'? ie. if twin 2 needs turning etc. I'd like to know i'm not going to feel it.

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Sat 12-Feb-05 00:00:29

bubble, why have you not given birth yet? Haven't I already said that I want us to be twin twins? lol.

They do have a mobile epidural. I had one of those with DD2. It was lovely, no pain and lots of movement (from me). You may have to ask for one.

Not long before today is over, any chance of an appearance?????????????

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Sat 12-Feb-05 00:02:44

Too late, today (yesterday) is over. You'll have to hold on for another year now lol. Sorry, shouldn't joke babe.

Uwila Sat 12-Feb-05 09:30:41

Sounds like a good idea to fit the tube and then have the medicine when you feel you need it. But, it sounds like that sort of request that might go against usual NHS procedure. You might have to be rather persistent about the request.

Dophus Sat 12-Feb-05 10:08:55

Yes - this was suggested to me as a possibility as I was going for a vaginal breech delivery and may have needed a C Sec as short notice.

As it was I ended witht the C Sec and a spoinal block (didn't go for the epidural).

Good luck!

rickman Sat 12-Feb-05 10:23:30

Message withdrawn

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