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Going for VBAC after 2 sections! Am terrified. Anything to prepare?

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debliz5 Wed 06-Aug-08 13:50:03


I'm 37 weeks, and last week after consulting with the doctor, we decided to try for a VBAC and not have another elective section.

He said I had 50% chance of a successful VBAC and I thought I could try. My previous c-sections were due to breech babies, and this baby has turned and seemed to be ready to come head first.

I am so nervous. Is there anything I can do to maximise the chances of a successful VBAC? Is there anything that I can be aware of during labour? I'm so afraid of something happening to the baby. I'm used to going in, given a spinal, it not working quickly enough, given GA and waking up given a beautiful healthy baby to my arms...

With my DS, second section, I had contractions, as he came 2 days earlier than the date fixed for the section. Although the contractions were quite painful, it was known that I'm heading for a c-section and it all went quite fast.

So, I know what it means to start contractions and go to hospital, but not labour.

Please help with reassurances, tips, experiences and all.

Thanks a lot!

Mikafan Thu 07-Aug-08 15:50:26

sorry I can't answer your questions because I've done it the other way round, a VB then 2 CS's though we're trying for another and would like to go for a VBAC too so I look forward to hearing how you get on.

Best of luck and hopefully someone knowledgeable will be along soon to help.

jollyjolly Thu 07-Aug-08 23:00:03


i don't know what you can do to optimise your chance at this late stage, but i'd try and find some sort of relaxation technique that can at least take your min off things.

I've had 2 sections too one due to failed induction and one emergency after getting to 7 cm. I am not allowed another at my hospital, i don't have a choice. so you're very lucky.

Stay calm and i would imagine you'll have to go in pretty soon after going into labour.

hope it all goes to plan and someone can give you more advice soon.

debliz5 Sun 10-Aug-08 07:31:08

Thanks, girls, for your responses.

The thing is, for the whole of this pregnancy I never thought I could go for a VBAC. I was sure it would be another section. As I mentioned before, both my children were breech and doctors told me, it's probably the shape of my uterus and that the babies can't turn. I was sure it would happen also with this baby.
But, when we found out the baby's position is a head first, the posibility came up..
So the decision to go for a VBAC2 came just 2 weeks ago.
I feel as though I'm going for an exam without going through the "material" before hand. I don't know anything about vaginal birth. What do you do?
I feel though my chances are even smaller. The doctors here (Amsterdam) are so vague - saying it can work (50% chance) and that they have done it before, but that on the other hand, they would definitely understand if I changed my mind and went for a c-section (The Dutch believe in making your own decisions).

Anyway, sorry it's so long. If anybody has experience with VBAC2, please share it with me, and how prepared were you for it.


WinkyWinkola Sun 10-Aug-08 08:03:29

I had a VBAC. But I don't know how your 2 sections increases your risks. I've only had one, you see.

You need to try and not be terrified. Fear will create panic and tension. If you really want to try VBAC2 (I think it's brilliant that you're going to do this!), then you need to find some way to get to that will see you calm and safe, not in knots of anxiety.

I guess it's really hard to feel confident after your 2 sections that you can do a VBAC but I don't think there's any point in doing it unless you go into with positivity and confidence.

Have you considered hypnobirthing? Some people I've met swear by it.

TENS machine worked absolute wonders for me. I slapped it on at the very first twinge of labour. And gas and air - although I tried to avoid using this until later in labour.

Also, if you do have another C-section, then don't even begin to feel down about it. There is more than one way to have a baby!

CoteDAzur Sun 10-Aug-08 08:15:07

50% chance of 'successful VBAC' doesn't sound encouraging. Wouldn't you rather have a planned c-section?

vbacqueen1 Sun 10-Aug-08 13:44:35

I would be interested to see what studies that "50% chance of success" is linked to - in general terms, any woman wanting a VBAC has as much chance as any first time mother of achieving it, which is between 75-80%. However, it's often the case that women going for VBA2C and above have a HIGHER success rate, but that's usually because they are more motivated.
The very first thing I'd advise you to do is find a doula, quickly. She would stay with you throughout your labour and birth, provide huge amounts of support for you and your partner, and will be able to give you plenty of information on what you can best do to help yourself.
I don't know this doula personally but it would be worth contacting her and having a chat.
Good luck!

madmouse Sun 10-Aug-08 15:12:14

have a look at this part of the homebirthuk website it is not limited to home births and gives lots of good info.

hope you get what you want. and don't forget that an awful lot of women give birth vaginally for the first time and manage wink.

Are you going to go for a Dutch style birth? (I am originally Dutch and understand no gas and air shock)

debliz5 Sun 10-Aug-08 20:23:50

Thanks for the information. I might just try contacting the doula, vbacqueen1, although it's so near, I wonder how she can help me at such a late stage. but no harm in trying...
madhouse, the website you gave me is also interesting and encouraging, although it deals with a single c-section and not 2. According to the statistics the doctor showed me, there is a decline in the chances of success after 2 cesections. Anyway, I will try going for it. I haven't booked a date for a section, so I might as go for it and see how I feel.
I need to be more confident in myself that I CAN do it or that at least whatever will be will be fine!

MrsMattie Sun 10-Aug-08 21:41:03

I think anything that increases your feelings of confidence, calm and well being is a good idea - so arms yourself with lots of info, talk it through loads with supportive people, consider getting a doula, consider hypnobirthing classes or buy a CD and make sure your midwives / consultant at local hospital are totally on board. And find out how it's going to work with the continuous foetal monitoring that most hospitals insist on during VBACs- how mobile will you be able to be? You'll want to try to be as active as possible during the birth to give you the best chance possible of a vaginal delivery.

Good luck!

Maternaltouch Sun 10-Aug-08 21:47:49

Hi Debliz5, I had a home waterbirth after 3 previous caesareans which was a brilliant experience. It is possible but it helps if you believe you can do it. Have a look at which has lots of good research and articles on it and there is a really good email support group called UKVBACHBAC on which is full of women who have had VBAC after 2, 3 or 4 caesareans.

I wrote a book on it called Birth After Caesarean which is available from

Its great that you are being encouraged to think about it, so many women in the UK seem to be subjected to scaremongering if they even mention it. Things are improving though, a lady I know who has just had a VBA4C did it with the NHS whereas I had to use an independent midwife to get the support I needed.

Best wishes,


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