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rockinmum Tue 05-Aug-08 20:55:27

Are they always at the bottom of bump in the beginning because I keep getting a weird tightening over the top right hand side of bumpity bump? hmm

gemdangracie Tue 05-Aug-08 21:07:47

my contractions they were all over when i was in labour, but i did get a few which were at the top only! how many weeks are you and hoe long they been like this for? x

rockinmum Tue 05-Aug-08 21:10:05

just noticed them in last twenty mins lol. COuld be either overdue or 38+4

gemdangracie Tue 05-Aug-08 21:15:01

are you timing them? could be just strong bh or the start of things grin

rockinmum Tue 05-Aug-08 21:19:25

heres hoping its the start of things, fed up waiting lol. need to call DH back as well, he's 3 1/2 hours away on a course and need to find a way to the hospital, was going with friend but don't particularly want to wake her up! wink

gemdangracie Tue 05-Aug-08 21:23:00

i know wat its like waiting.. i was up the hospital twice thinking i was in labour as was having contractions 5 mins apart for 4 hours! only to get there and they stopped.. 3rd time that same day had dd within 4 1/2 hours!

where you from? Hope for your sake this is it and that dp gets back in time just incase...

its so exciting grin

rockinmum Tue 05-Aug-08 21:25:19 have the joy of getting to the JR in Oxford (I'm sure it could win the most inaccesible hospital award!!! lol)

OH well, will wait and see, go to bed in a bit and if they wake me back up I'll take them seriously wink

gemdangracie Tue 05-Aug-08 21:31:57

wow im from oxfordshire too!!grin Where about are you from I live in Eynsham near to Witney..
Yeah I had to get a taxi up there blooming thing cost me £30! shock

rockinmum Tue 05-Aug-08 21:35:13

lol, down near all the wonderful aircraft.....gets lots of protests....ah f it we're down in wonderful old carterton (not through choice)

gemdangracie Tue 05-Aug-08 21:37:11

bloody hell..aint that wierd the post i choose to reply on the op is from my area!!

rockinmum Tue 05-Aug-08 21:39:02

very strange.......had a few funny occurances today...lots of people calling with a 'feeling' i was in labour.....odd...

gemdangracie Tue 05-Aug-08 21:41:38

very strange maybe this is it.. just to be warned the JR aint the most beautiful place to bive birth, but the midwives are really nice!! the food is rubbish, so take some in(biscuits & other snack things) x

rockinmum Tue 05-Aug-08 21:53:16

yep come across the food before (had hyperemesis early in pregnancy) and the smell alone of the miced turkey was enough to put me off. But when they brought me breded fish, mashed potato and veg and didn't know what fish it was it had to be the last straw (biscuitsin maternity bag) lol

gemdangracie Wed 06-Aug-08 09:23:34

hey rockin, how is it going have you had anymore strange tightenings since last night? Hope things are still going well x

rockinmum Wed 06-Aug-08 10:04:17

Got major backache now and still getting tightenings. Plus I'm sure my waters are going but I know that as soon as I mention it to DH or anyone here it will all stop lol

gemdangracie Thu 07-Aug-08 13:20:39

Lol if your waters are going, i would get it checked out as they only like it to be 24hrs since the break due to infection?!? Sounds like to me that you're in early labour! grin x

rockinmum Thu 07-Aug-08 16:38:54

Just had something really strange happen....and probably TMI but my boobs are REALLY loads and loads never had it that another sign or am I just wishful thinking? lol hmm

Neeerly3 Thu 07-Aug-08 16:41:21

ring midwife, set mind at rest?

rockinmum Thu 07-Aug-08 16:45:22 midwife isn't really overly supportive IYSWIM, we have challenged the dates all along the pregnancy and she is just rude when I ask her something, plus if I ring the hospital ones they always tell you to go in...DH is home tomorrow, might wait and see if anything progresses before then....would make life a hell of a lot easier. hmm

rockinmum Fri 08-Aug-08 06:55:11

Ummmmm.....woke up this morning (about half an hour ago) with really bad backache again, but this time it is coming and going. Could this be the start of contractions? REALLY hurts when they come and go, feels like my back is tightening making me sit up straight IYSWIM.

Any clues?

ajm200 Fri 08-Aug-08 07:56:16

Oooooh Sounds promising Time them and see if they are in a regular pattern. Sometimes back labour is caused by the baby laying against your back rather than facing your spine.

If you feel up to it check out for info on getting baby into a better position as this might ease the backache and speed things up. I had back labour with my son, its not nice

Good luck, keep us posted!

rockinmum Fri 08-Aug-08 08:02:03

They're about 3 mins apart according to the contraction master thingy.

Do you think i Ishould call DH back (3 1/2 hours away) or ring MW at hospital first?

ajm200 Fri 08-Aug-08 08:06:48

Is this your first?

How long have you had them now?

Call the hospital first. They'll ask you some questions and try to talk to you through a contraction, then decide if you need to come in.

My DH panicked at the first sign of labour so a quick call to the hospital is probably best. Then get him home if they agree it sounds like real labour pains.

Good luck... how exciting

rockinmum Fri 08-Aug-08 08:09:36

Yep first one for us. Had them since 6:50ish (well thats when I got out the bath and realised they hadn't gone)

Right.....will call the hospital.....oh

ajm200 Fri 08-Aug-08 08:11:58

keep us posted..

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