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elective caesarian and high risk pregnancy

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nixpix Mon 04-Aug-08 20:57:24

I'm currently 36 wks+1 and have polyhydramnios, excess amniotic fluid - diagnosed at 33 weeks. My fluid index is 29cm if that means anything to anybody. Baby is also on the large side - and I know growth scans can be inaccurate but he/she had an estimated weight of 7lb 4 at 35 weeks.
I'm seeing a consultant for a detailed anatomy scan again tomorrow to check all organs again and to see if they can see if increasing fluid is due to baby not being able to process it, i.e. an organ defect.
I'll then meet with the consultant.
The baby has always been breech/transverse and has been described as bobbing about in a swimming pool. My m/w said it would find it difficult to turn and engage because of the buoyancy.
I'm therefore considered high risk and know that my preferred birth plan of natural in the home from home suite is off.
If fluid levels are up again and baby still breech, what do you think are the chances of being offered an elelctive c section?
I really don't like the thought of a highly monitored possibly induced birth which might end up in an emergency c section anyway.
Does anyone have experience of this? I know that c sections are certainly not an easy option but having weighed up pros and cons I feel this may be a preferable option for me.
I'm dreading consultant just saying to me come back in 2 weeks and we'll discuss options then. Is 36 weeks too early to be talking C section?
Can anyone give me their insight / opinions on this? I would be really grateful!

Abbey123 Mon 04-Aug-08 22:24:34

Hi, I am 37 weeks today, I have a low lying placenta, the doctor I saw last Thursday told me I could be bleeding anytime, and he called the head of the consultants who said will see me this Thursday!!! But, they still haven't called to arrange an app yet! I am going for a private one now and really panicing coz most of the consultants are on holidays now, I only got an app for this Friday - i would be 37+4 by then! Do repeat my mistake, get the C-section arrangement sorted ASAP!!!!!

AtheneNoctua Mon 04-Aug-08 22:35:27

I have had two sections. They aren't all that bad. The abs were quite painful for a week or two, but then I don't pee in my pants when I laugh. So it all worked out.

If you don't want an induction, you are free to say so. If they say "right spread 'em for this lovely gel" you can say "Erm, no thanks" They probably won't offer you a section on demand. But if you explain you are concerned about going into labor with a potentially breach baby, they might be willing to talk about putting you on the schedule. It won't hurt to ask.

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