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low groin pains

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kentDee Mon 04-Aug-08 07:49:50

At 4.45 this morning I started getting pains down below which lasted for about 5 mins. Then again about 5ish and half past. I just had a soak in the bath and have had no pains since. I am 40 + 4 and due for a sweep on wed, but can anyone tell me what these pains are? I thought contractions were mainly backache, and pains across bump. ???

Chocolateteapot Mon 04-Aug-08 07:55:29

With DD I felt contractions as a period type pain at first before it moved more into my back. It sounds as if things are slowly starting to happen, good luck

kentDee Mon 04-Aug-08 07:58:57

So this is normal ?? I have been getting period type pains all last week on and off too. The pains this morning were intense and low (IYKWIM)

Chocolateteapot Mon 04-Aug-08 08:30:33

I'm pretty sure it is normal, it is a sort of pre-labour where you are gearing up to the real thing. You should find that at some point they will start and won't stop as they currently do. Then you are in business ! Intense and low sums up pretty well the pains I had with DD.

But I am a bit hazy, it is 5 years since I had DD and nearly 10 since DD, so hopefully someone else will come along and confirm I am not talking nonsense.

belcantavinissima Mon 04-Aug-08 08:35:08

hi this is what i had with my induced labour with ds1. sounds like things are getting going. maybe you wont be needing that sweep! good luck smile

mummypud Mon 04-Aug-08 10:51:18

i ahve been having period pains for what seems like forever and low backache as well as a feeling that i need to go to the loo, am 39 plus 1 so wondering how long i will be having this, started losing plug a week a go .

Olihan Mon 04-Aug-08 10:56:48

I felt all my contactions in my pubic bone, nothing in my back or bump at all. Took me a while to realise what was happening the first time!

kentDee Mon 04-Aug-08 15:27:55

Thanks all. I have just woken up as I didnt sleep last night at all. pains have eased off, worse luck! Sounds like things will be happening for you really soon mummypud. Good luck and keep us informed smile

waitingtobloom Tue 05-Aug-08 09:28:21

Sounds like pre labour to me. I had this on and off for around 2 weeks before DS was born - but he was born at 39 weeks so at 40 + weeks I bet you will be meeting baby soon.

I just started this last night - am 36 weeks so hoping baby will be here in 2 - 3 weeks now!

Good luck and let us know!

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