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A show! Or the beginnings of one I think.

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bubble99 Thu 10-Feb-05 19:39:11

Had a sweep yesterday at 10am, I'm 38 weeks pg with twins and booked for induction next Wednesday. I've noticed since the sweep that my 'pet pile' has been back to haunt me and I've had a brownish vaginal discharge. This afternoon I went on a cheesecake finding mission to the shops and definately felt 'heavier' in my pelvis. I had a bath at about 5.30pm and noticed a mucousy blob while washing 'down below'. It's not bloody but it's definately blobby. I know that there can be days between the 'show' and the onset of labour but is this true for first labours only or subsequent ones as well. All advice gratefully received. I'm trying not to get too excited. With my first DS there was a 12 hour interval between the 'show' and 3cm dilation.
With DS2 I was induced.

morningpaper Thu 10-Feb-05 19:41:00

Sounds like a show to me! Here they come.... Good luck!

pupuce Thu 10-Feb-05 19:41:13

I think the sweep has helped the plug get disloged.... you may well be in early stages, I mean you are 38 weeks with twins !
Keep us posted !

SPARKLER1 Thu 10-Feb-05 19:42:19

bubble99 sounds like things are definitely on the move. How exciting. Good luck. xx

beansprout Thu 10-Feb-05 19:43:05

wey-hey!! best of luck!!!

Lonelymum Thu 10-Feb-05 19:43:19

Never had a show for No 1 and 2 but did for No3 - it was about 24 hours before labour started I think. Good luck bubble - I feel in awe of women carrying twins and giving birth to them, not to mention raising them when they are babies. Hope all goes well for you and look forward to seeing your birth announcement!

motherinferior Thu 10-Feb-05 20:01:36

Oh please oh pleeeease, I do hope so.

misdee Thu 10-Feb-05 20:04:16

ooooooooooo how exciting. keep us updated as much as you can!

Nimme Thu 10-Feb-05 20:05:48

Had show with DD2 about 6 hours before contractions started. Show at 2pm, contractions at 8pm, born 3.30am.

Must be the real thing and soon - good luck!

Cristina7 Thu 10-Feb-05 20:06:12

Good luck for a quick and safe delivery.

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Thu 10-Feb-05 20:07:36

come on the bubble twins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nailpolish Thu 10-Feb-05 20:10:02

wow - 38 wks with twins - RESPECT!

sounds exactly what i had with dd2 (although without the sweep)

very similar actually so im hopeful for you!

how exciting

bubble99 Thu 10-Feb-05 20:12:18

I'm now going to spend the ret of the evening running (well, waddling) to the loo to inspect. No, I'm not I'm going to be very sensible and get an early(ish) night in case things develop tomorrow.
Pupuce - I'm definately going to ask about the possibility of having the epidural sited but not activated until completely necessary to enable me to stay mobile for as long as possible.

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Thu 10-Feb-05 20:15:45

what about a long walk and then bed bubble? come on honey, indulge me, lets have twin twin birthdays.

bubble99 Thu 10-Feb-05 20:20:32

OK a long walk to the 'fridge for cheesecake. My SIL gave me her birthing ball earlier so I'll have a bounce on that whilst eating - does that count?

pupuce Thu 10-Feb-05 20:23:59

I have huge respects for women who want a natural birth (or at least vaginal) with twins... you go girl!

biglips Thu 10-Feb-05 20:24:47

come on twinnies - time to come out

bubble99 Thu 10-Feb-05 20:44:03

Thanks guys
I hope I can give you some progress details soon. I've just walked to the kitchen to sort out supper (Curry, need you ask!) and I'm definately getting twinges. The bizarre thing about carrying twins is that I can simultaneously feel as though I'm being poked around in all areas, I can feel twin 2's foot under my right hip and twin 1's goodness knows what under my left.
Cheers pupuce As you might have noticed I am rabidly pro choice re: birthing methods but I must admit I was surprised by the reaction of the doctors yesterday when I elected to try for vaginal delivery, they asked if I was sure 3 times and I began then to question whether I was making the right decision in not going for a CS. I was told that I was an ideal candidate for VB, 2 previous vb's for big babies. My main reason is that I also have two DS's and the prospect of a scar, BF twins and running after the little monkeys over half term week is not appealing. I have, however warned DH that I intend to stay in hospital until they kick me out as I know that even with help and support at home I'm not going to be able to rest and get to grips with BF twins.

pupuce Thu 10-Feb-05 20:47:13

Where abouts are you bubble ? do you mind saying? which hospital you're going to?

bubble99 Thu 10-Feb-05 21:09:01

Kingston Hospital in Surrey. I had my 2 previous deliveries there and was very happy. It's a fairly new unit (about 12 years old I think) and seems to be well staffed. When I had DS1 I was working as a staff nurse at the hospital and I think I may have got a good deal, single room from delivery till discharge and DH stayed in the room with me. With DS2, who was induced, I knew the anaesthetist on call and had primed him to be ready to give me an epidural if required (in the end it wasn't.) Perks of the job? Too true, we don't get many! There's also a natural birthing suite with pools, massage etc. which I'm sure isn't typical of most NHS facilities.
In addition, for those who wish to have it, they offer the nuchal translucency scan as part of their standard ante natal care.

pupuce Thu 10-Feb-05 21:16:45

You're a tad too far for me otherwise I'd have offered to give you a (free) hand when you got home....
Good luck!

bubble99 Thu 10-Feb-05 21:22:43

Thanks pupuce, I'm sure I'll be seeking your advice anyway (you're a BF counsellor aren't you?) on BF twins. I've just got a BF pillow called EZ2nurse from the internet. It's an inflatable job which fits around the body and provides support for the back. Not glam BF twins, BF a singleton has such a serene quality to it, with twins it's not quite as graceful is it!

Whizzz Thu 10-Feb-05 21:24:31

Best of luck ! Keep us posted !

pupuce Thu 10-Feb-05 21:24:45

I am a BF counsellor but will admit twins are not my speciality. If I don't know Tiktok will or I do know a BF counsellor who specialises in twins... or TAMBA of course !

bubble99 Thu 10-Feb-05 21:26:16

TAMBA are good, I got the suggestion for the BF pillow from them.

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