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Twins vaginal delivery. Will I need a CS for twin 2?

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bubble99 Thu 10-Feb-05 13:34:12

I'm 38 weeks pg with twins. At my ante natal appointment yesterday I was asked what kind of delivery I'd prefer. ie. CS or vaginal. Both twins had been vertex until this week when twin 2 decided to turn transverse. I have had two previous vaginal deliveries with no problems and have decided to opt for VB again. I have been advised that I will need to have an epidural this time (haven't had one before) and that there is a chance that delivery of twin 2 may be breech. Does anyone have any personal experience of this or mears, pupuce, mandy, anyone- can you offer any guidance? I don't want to do anything to risk twin 2's safety but I feel I'm being led to believe that a breech birth is always problematic.

pupuce Thu 10-Feb-05 13:39:22

Mears is more competent but my knoweldge/instinct tells me that a breech would not be a problem because you have already delivered vaginally anyway and your twin is likely to be smaller than a singleton.
I would go with the flow, have a vaginal birth and if they are concerned for twin 2 then have a section for him. I can't see that it would be at all traumatic.... but Mears is more experienced.
Also I would have thought the staff attending the birth are experienced and for that reason alone you might get good breech experience too!

bubble99 Thu 10-Feb-05 13:53:06

Thanks pupuce

I'm hoping that twin 2 can be turned during labour. The Cons worried me by saying that if he/she is too far in to the pelvis and experiencing difficulties, then CS will not be an option and will need to be 'got out' vaginally I'm also asssuming my movement will be restricted by monitoring/IVI. Will I need continuous monitoring once the epidural is sited?

pupuce Thu 10-Feb-05 13:55:53

Yes you will
Can you not negociate that the epidural is in place but no drug is inserted ???? I have no clue if this is feasible/acceptable !

bubble99 Thu 10-Feb-05 14:03:28

I can certainly request that can't I? With epidural, how quickly do the drug/s take effect once they're added. I'd like to progress as far as I can without being stuck on the bed but I'd also like to know that if any major 'prodding' is required to shift twin 2 then the pain relief will act quickly.

TinyGang Thu 10-Feb-05 14:10:15

Had mine normally, and yes they kept me wired up through-out monitoring each baby's heart rate to see how they were doing. That does restrict your movements a bit it's true.

Mine were both head down at the start and I was lucky in that they stayed that way and came out fairly quickly and 10 mins apart. (Nearly had two separate b'days as I thought we were heading towards one each side of midnight, but not quite in the end!)

I was told though, that although they were both head down, once 'twin one' is born the one still to come can sometimes be unpredictable and turn about, given the extra space it suddenly has in there. Don't worry though - I'm sure the team looking after you all will know exactly what to do and everything will be fine.

muminlondon Thu 10-Feb-05 14:26:20

good luck again! my mum never had these worries because she was told by her (male) consultant it definitely wasn't going to be twins.

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