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help induction imminant

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pinkum Wed 30-Jul-08 10:41:35

hi, im going to be induced tommorrow. iv eaten pinapple done reflexology. cant have sex or a bath as my waters have started to go. started to go into labour last night to 5 mins apart but it all stopped again. urg help any sugestions?

CarGirl Wed 30-Jul-08 10:43:10

how many days past 40 weeks are you? do you feel happy to wait for the full time after waters have gone before induction as per NICE guildelines (72 or 96 hours I think)

Just phone the labour ward and say you think things are starting so you're not coming in as booked?

milknosugar Wed 30-Jul-08 10:43:33

you dont have to be induced, you do have a choice. this is your body and your baby. if you think you are almost ready ask for a sweep instead of induction (its like an internal) and that might help.

pinkum Wed 30-Jul-08 10:45:37

its 92 hours tommorow am and i had sex and a bath wothout reolising so the waters might be infected
im 40 and 2 days.

pinkum Wed 30-Jul-08 10:47:48

i gotta put my 19mnth old 2 bed, will check this later. keep suggestions coming!

MrsTittleMouse Wed 30-Jul-08 10:48:01

Disclaimer - I have not been induced myself, but have friends who have. I think that you can have a "good" induction, but it depends on what else goes on. If you are induced before you are ready, then it doesn't tend to go so well (but if you have already had lots of contractions that wouldn't apply to you). You can also ask to be allowed to move around and change position, rather than being stuck on your back on a bed, which most women find very uncomfortable. If you have a midwife who explains things and goes through your options and is supportive, then it can be a good experience.

dinkystinky Wed 30-Jul-08 11:08:48

Pinkum, try bouncing on your birthball, lying on your left side, eating pineapple (fresh) on empty tummy and positive visualisation to help labour cme back on.... everyone who has posted is right, speak to the labour ward about the fact that you have had contractions etc and suggest a sweep rather than drip to see if it kickstarts things...

mamadiva Wed 30-Jul-08 11:19:33

EDD June 20th
22nd had sweep
24th waters broke in mackays
25th Went for a curry
26th DS born by ECS.

Sorry couldnt really think how to put it into any other way.

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