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sorry about this one but........

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notsoslimnow Tue 29-Jul-08 17:31:39

can i ask with regard to the bleeding after heavy is this normally? is it like a period and how long does it last? so sorry if anyone is eating etc......blush

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Tue 29-Jul-08 17:32:24

much heavier than normal ime. clots 'n' all. yuk. hideous.

misdee Tue 29-Jul-08 17:34:02

first week was terrible. very heavey. then about weeks 2-4 was a bit lighter and more managable.

ShowOfHands Tue 29-Jul-08 17:36:15

Lasted between 4 and 6 weeks for me. Very heavy at first, not at all like a period. Lots of large clots. Bear in mind the wound where the placenta was is about the size of a dinner plate. It bleeds a fair bit!

hughjarssss Tue 29-Jul-08 17:37:12

I had an emergency c-section as labour wouldn't progress, don't know if that makes a difference but my bleeding was no not as bad as I had been expecting. Lasted about a week.
I wouldn't worry about it if I was you, it's just one of them things you deal with.
You're be so caught up with you're new little baby you will hardly notice it.

notsoslimnow Tue 29-Jul-08 17:40:49

thanks ladies,are these maternity pads the things to use or normal sanitary pads? just dont want to be caught out by not having the right stuff at home!

thumbwitch Tue 29-Jul-08 17:44:07

use the maternity pads for the first couple of weeks anyway. I didn't have very heavy bleeding but it lasted about 6 weeks

glaskham Tue 29-Jul-08 17:45:31

I used maternity pads for the first week or so then just used super absorbant sanitary pads after that, once it calmed down... I only bled for 4 days heavy really, then had almost stopped by 2/3 weeks after the birth (with both DC's), but i was very lucky there i believe. Also it seems like you bleed much more than a period if you normally use tampons like i did. And yes agree with the rest with the clots etc... not so nice but worth it grin

notsoslimnow Tue 29-Jul-08 17:48:42

ok thanks thats much clearer, also (just thought of this)...does your normal period come 4 weeks later or does that have no relevance to this type of bleeding?

RhinestoneCowgirl Tue 29-Jul-08 17:54:09

notsoslim - when periods come back will depend on you, and whether you are breastfeeding. I bf DS exclusively (including lots at night) and got my period when he was 4 months old, then regular from 6 months. Other women get it earlier or later...

I bled for about 4-6 weeks, but it was on and off after about first 2 weeks. V heavy to start with, used mat pads (loads) but then on to normal sanitary pads.

Lemontart Tue 29-Jul-08 17:59:34

I had about 3 weeks bleeding with very heavy 1st week. Def use the special pads as the clots and heaviness require "special" extra strength! Don’t bother with paper knickers though PLEASE. Just buy a load of cheap ones or use up old ones and bin them as the first few days and nights are almost impossible to stay immaculate (sorry if TMI)
I found my first period after birth came after about a 2 week gap from end of real bleeding so longer than 4 weeks post birth - perhaps this varies from person to person. After a couple of weeks I also found the 3rd week was light but consistent bleeding but was very light and pink! Goes from dark red/bright red all with clots/ livery red (sorry but only way to describe the awful pinky brown colour) and then light watery pink. I was shocked to find clots but told it was normal. As long as you don’t get any bigger than a 50p piece if I remember rightly.
Hope that helps.
Also, you will be so busy and tired and excited to meet your baby and running on adrenaline etc etc that the bleeding bit will seem not as important so don’t worry too much about it

notsoslimnow Tue 29-Jul-08 18:00:32

ok thankyou for explaining, im sure i sound like a complete fool.....but i just dont want to have to ask the midwife and risk her thining im totally insane!as a novice first timer i only found out there was bleeding a few days ago and im over 32 weeks!!!

bogie Tue 29-Jul-08 18:01:02

I bled heavier than normal and I had the coil put in after a few weeks and it made me keep bleeding for 5 months

solo Tue 29-Jul-08 18:04:12

When I was in hospital overnight post labour with Dd(2nd baby), I thought I was going to have to use a Pampers because it was very, very heavy.
I haemhorraged(sp)after Ds so it was extreme and different back then.

cluckyagain Tue 29-Jul-08 18:05:52

Hi - lots of accurate info here. The only thing...if you're bf you may not then get a period for months and months and months!!! It's great!

Tigerschick Tue 29-Jul-08 18:06:55

It isn't nice but it doesn't last forever.
If you are worried about it tho then do speak to your mid-wife. My friend didn't and thought it was normal to still be bleeding heavily after 5 weeks - turned out that not all the placenta had been removed and she needed a d&c. Never worry about sounding naive; it's not an everyday experience.

Also - see if you can get some disposable bed protectors for the first few days.

RedHead81 Tue 29-Jul-08 18:08:25

they say to use maternity pads so you can keep a check on any clots - and yes - 9mths worth of periods all in one go! Mine lasted 6wks, but not heavy all the time. for the last 2wks of it a pantyliner was plenty. my midwife said to use 2 maternity pads at the beginning for when your lying down so that you don't leak. I didn't leak through any pads.

your midwife won't mind you asking her anything - she would prefer you to ask her than for you to be worried.

good luck with the birth.

bogie Tue 29-Jul-08 18:08:34

I was bf aswell and still bled for 5 months non stop

Lemontart Tue 29-Jul-08 18:09:18

aaaw you are not a fool
This is the great thing about mumsnet. Ask away and you will get honest and friendly opinions and advice.
Just to warn you a little but not frighten you - the bleeding can be a little painful afterwards too. Like a very heavy period. As everything goes back down to original size, the first couple of days can be like having mild contractions. I guess the body is working properly to contract back down but it can be very uncomfortable. Worth having a good supply of painkillers in the house just in case. Also good to know what it is as it can be a shock! I found the pains were worse when breast feeding - some hormone kicks in if I remember rightly and triggers the contracting down thingie. Not very technical but that is roughly what happens While you are in hospital they will give you basic pain relief if they think you need it, but often you are home in a flash and good to have the painkillers on hand just in case.

glaskham Tue 29-Jul-08 18:09:52

I didn't have a period after havign DS, exclusivley breastfed till 6mths and concieved DD on the first egg my body released after having ds (at around 6.5mths, even though i was on the mini-pill)

However a friend bottlefed and got her first period when her dd was 5/6wks old.

Peckarolloveragain Tue 29-Jul-08 18:11:41


RedHead81 Tue 29-Jul-08 18:12:03

a good tip for if your bits get grazed or need stitches, is to use a jug to wash yourself with cool water as you wee, rather than stinging when you wee and just pat it dry with toilet paper - it keeps you nice and clean and prevents any stinging - drinking plenty will also make the wee more watered down and again reduces the sting

sorry if tmi - but really useful.

Peckarolloveragain Tue 29-Jul-08 18:12:10

dfhlcvn ,

notsoslimnow Tue 29-Jul-08 18:14:05

oh this info is fantastic. i really cant tell you all how lovely it is to be able to ask a question and receive helpfull/friendly advice without being looked down upon.thankyou all very now going to make sure i am well stocked with the essentials! x

fledtoscotland Tue 29-Jul-08 18:43:32

I bled for about 4 weeks with DS - really heavy to begin with (clots & all) and then it slowed to like the end of your period. I found that just climbing into the shower after going to the loo helped make me feel clean as there is only so much toilet paper can do blush

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