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just had Elective c-section booked for 39weeks - what now?

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fledtoscotland Tue 29-Jul-08 12:46:45

just got back from the consultant appointment and my section is booked for 2nd september (am 34weeks today). but can anyone tell me what actually happens on the day please.

Consultant said MW would go through everything the week before when i have bloods done. apparently at wishaw general (where i am going) they have two teams so one does emergency and one does elective. the doc said that they only book two electives each morning so at least i wont have to wait all day.

my mind is now working overtime as to what will happen!

thanks in advance

ps - will i really have to wear those anti-dvt stockings or can i have the anti-coag injections?

newjerseychick Tue 29-Jul-08 12:52:05


The stockings aren't so bad. I had an emergency c section so not sure how it differs. It really was not bad at all. I did ask the midwife to hold my hand as I was anaesthetised. The weird part was slowly going numb and it is normal to have the shakes during.

Oh and i warn you - they will shave you ! Can I ask did you request an elective?


LaTrucha Tue 29-Jul-08 12:54:56

Congratulations! The stockings only stayed on a day or so and they're not so bad. Neither are the injections. You'll be too loved up with LO to care, I reckon!

I had an emergency c-section so I don't know about the prelims, but I do know people who had an elective and it was a lovely experience.

On the practical side, I would take an extra pillow in so you can bf 'rugby ball' style. It makes it easier on the scar. And take BIG pants. Make sure they're pretty much up to your navel. I took boy shorts and they were awful. And some other big ones too. But they both seemed to rest exactly on the scar.

Even with an emergency c-section, the operation wasn't anything to worry about, so don't stress!

ooo new babies ... lovely!

SoupKitchen Tue 29-Jul-08 12:58:37

Turned up on the day, was shown to bed.
Blood pressure, temp and baby was monitered for 10 mins.
Then asked to get changed into gown and stockings.
Then Dr came checked my details, medical history and checked baby.
Also inspected bikini line and then gave me a razor and asked that I lower the hair line by just over an inch as they wanted to make the incision as low as poss.( quite a shock how low they were planning)

At time of surgery, was wallked through to theatre with DH who was gowned up.sat on side of bed whilst they put in a IV access in my hand and did the spinal then laid down and 5 mins later my baby was born.

If there is anything more specific you want to now, please ask me HTH

fledtoscotland Tue 29-Jul-08 12:58:59

newjerserychick - the decision for an elective was joint between me and consultant. DS's head was fractured during a ventose delivery and i am slightly paranoid about it happening again. because there was no medical reason for the fracture the consultant recommended a c-section but left the final decision up to me. Have been discussing it with my fab m/w over the last couple of months and thankfully the whole team have supported my decision to have an elective c-section this time (god that was long winded!)

SoupKitchen Tue 29-Jul-08 13:00:38

Mine was elective for similar reasons, DD had cheek damaged with forceps.
It was definately the best decision for me as I was so desperate not to risk the same happening again

fledtoscotland Tue 29-Jul-08 13:01:06

thanks soupkitchen - being personal, how did you manage to see to shave yourself? i havent seen my bikini line in months! also i would like the baby delivered onto my chest to he can feed asap (keeping the birth as "natural" as possible). will they be able to do this? i really dont want him taken away unless there is a medical reason for it.

SoupKitchen Tue 29-Jul-08 13:08:56

DH helpedblush

DS was not delivered onto me as DH is too squeamish and therefore couldnt bear to have the screen taken down.
But DS was loosely wrapped in a towel and dh held him across my chest( we pulled my gown down a bit) so he could have a little skin to skin.

In my case( another reason for the ECS) I was quite ill during the surgery, and DH had to leave the theater with DS for a bit.
An hour later he latched on immediately and fed well without problems.

LaTrucha Tue 29-Jul-08 13:09:37

They didn't shave me very much. Just the top bit.

SoupKitchen Tue 29-Jul-08 13:11:52

IIRC th peadiatrician is present to check the baby in case of probs(routine in CS) but you can still see baby and DH can accompany them if they need to cross the room with the baby for any reason( only medical).
Sorry but am a little hazy about that bit as was not really with it, due to my medical problem

SoupKitchen Tue 29-Jul-08 13:13:18

I think I was quite lucky as my scar was so low it is now hidden in my ladygarden.( and that is not unruly)

fledtoscotland Tue 29-Jul-08 13:18:02

dh is sqeamish as well so maybe they will just have to wrap the baby up and hand him over.

after you have had the baby and are stitched up, what happens? how long before i will be able to have feeling in my legs and be up and about?

mrslurkalot Tue 29-Jul-08 13:21:09

I had an elective section in March. I had to go to hospital the day before for my pre op checks (blood pressure, weight etc) and to get meds that you take the night before (just antacids. I was told not to eat after 10 at night and to be on the ward at 8am. I was first on the list but the other girl was bumped up before me as she was higher risk so DD wasn't born until just after 12. The surgeon and aenethatist (spelling!!) came to see me before I went in and I walked into theatre. Dh had to stay outside until the spinal block was in. I had to sit on the edge of the bed and bend forward while the block was put in. The midwife held my hand and then when all was well got me to lay down - they tilt the bed but don't worry you won't fall off! They put a catheter in at this point but I couldn't feel it. I had the stockings on during the op - great big inflatable things but they took them off afterwards ( I did have injections later though). I think you can choose the music you have in theatre but we didn't - DD was born to Boogie Wonderland! My blood pressure was checked throughout and it took about 5 mins for DD to arrive, they showed her to me straight away, then just a quick clean up and she was with me. It then took about 30-45 mins to put me back together and then we were taken through to recovery for some serious bonding! Stayed there for about 1 1/2 hours and then up to the ward (had a private room for the first night). I was on my feet after 24 hours, sore at first but you will be amazed how quickly you manage to shuffle about!

Some tips:

BIG knickers.

Before your DP leaves you at night make sure he has left everything you are likely to need to hand, nappies, clean clothes for the baby, cotton wool, maternity pads etc.

Ask for pain relief at regular intervals, even if you think you are ok - if you let it wear off you will know about it!

If you have other children try to teach them to climb the stairs, into bed, into their car seat etc now!

Internet shop and arrange for it to arrive when your DP can unpack and put it away.

Cook some meals now and get them in the freezer.

Don't take your pj's off for the first week you are home. As soon as you are dressed everyone thinks you are 'normal' again.

Go with your body, if it hurts don't do it.

If you can afford a cleaner for the first 6 weeks, get one. If you can't, ignore the dirt!

Try and enjoy it, it really is a magical experience!

SoupKitchen Tue 29-Jul-08 13:22:54

The feeling starts coming back about an hour to 2 after being stitched up. I think you can get up when all feeling has returned but they like you to stay in bed for a bit, normally the first night( you have had major surgey) and will have a catheter.

I was pretty poorly and had 3 transfusions and a drain( not normal) and was in the shower the next morning( probably should have waited as was pretty wobbly)

Catheter normally out 12 hours after surgery, so you have to be up and about then. I co-slept the first night so I could demand feed without waiting for Nurses to pass my DS to me.

mrslurkalot Tue 29-Jul-08 13:23:01

Oh and shave yourself!! Use a mirror or get DP to do it. I had a dry shave in hospital with my first (emergency) section - oooh the itching!

newjerseychick Tue 29-Jul-08 13:27:31


I was wondering about the elective cause I want one for my second after a horrible emergency c section and PND and anxiety after. I was wondering how much of a fight i'll have getting one. I think after what you went through with your first an elective will enable you to have a calm happy experience.
I got a pillow that fits around your middle that helped with breast or bottle feeding as the pressure of baby is off your tummy. OOh and some hospitals let you take your own cd in to listen too.


jeanjeannie Tue 29-Jul-08 13:30:32

Had mine 8 weeks ago - it was fab smile
They give you two tablets (like Zantac} to take the night before and in the morning to combat stomach acid. You get a few basic checks then walk to theatre. Spinal to baby is about 8 mins! Weirdest part was getting you onto the're just a blob that can't move!

I had DD put onto me in recovery where she fed immediately and once back in ward I had inflatable leggings that pumped up and down...they were lovely...very soothing! No stockings...I think these are a new version.

My hospital kept you in bed all day and night with catheter and the leggings...but I've heard that others let you get up and about sooner.
My elective was so much easier than my emergency and the recovery was also easier. HTH and good luck and enjoy smile

fledtoscotland Tue 29-Jul-08 13:32:03

thanks everyone. am hoping to be up and about fairly quickly as DS will only be 11months old and i have never spent a night away from him. Have already said to consultant that i would like to be home by thursday tea time so i am only in hospital 2 nights and she said that providing me and baby are OK this will be fine.

when i had major gyn surgery before (during last pregnancy) i was encouraged to be up and about within 6 hours to avoid a catheter and i managed it so i'm using this as a benchmark to how i will feel this time although they have said they will try to cut along my previous scar line (just about the top of my bikini line) so am not sure how this will heal.

how many stitches did you all have?

mrslurkalot Tue 29-Jul-08 13:36:27

newjerseychick, hi there!

I had an emergency section first time around and at my booking appointment I made it clear that I wanted an elective this time around. This was purely down to the fact that I wanted to be certain that I wouldn't have the same experience again. My midwife was a bit vague and said that it would be up to the consultant. So I had to wait to see the consultant at 22 weeks (after my second scan) to know that I would get what I wanted. This caused me quite a lot of stress and if it's worrying you I would ask to speak to the consultant now so that you can enjoy your pregnancy.
In the end, I went in armed with the NICE guidelines and the facts about the risks involved in a c section and was prepared for a fight. I need not have bothered because she literally said 'so, are we trying for a vaginal birth this time?' and I said 'no' and she said 'OK, I'll get my diary and we'll book you in'. End of conversation.

SoupKitchen Tue 29-Jul-08 13:36:28

I was home 48 hours after the surgery, as has 14 month old at home. was desparate to leave. But honestly think she was coping fine and I should possibly have given myself another night .

My sister has had 2 wections same scar used nad healing was fine.

I had a continuous stitch with beads at either end.

Anchovy Tue 29-Jul-08 13:38:25

I had 2 elective C-sections and they were great experiences. (Both my DCs had humungous sized heads and I am quite small, so valid medical reasons but no sense of emergency at all).

The first, I checked in to the hospital at 7pm the night before but was allowed to go out for a light supper with DH and even had a glass of champagne!

With the seciond, Dd was born about 10am and I was walking at about 5pm that evening.

My top tip - lots of water and prunes: the constipation afterwards can be grim.

watsthestory Tue 29-Jul-08 13:39:17

Message withdrawn

fledtoscotland Tue 29-Jul-08 13:40:27

cheers soupkitchen. i had a continuous stitch with my op which healed really well. really dont want a catheter if possible so want to be up and about asap.

how long was your recovery at home with your 14 month old? am also worried that DS wont understand why mummy cant pick him up so we have been teaching him "hands" where he stands up and holds up his arms ready to be picked up. that way i can lift him in stages ie floor to sofa, sofa to hip iyswim

also is there anyway to get round the 6weeks no driving thing?

watsthestory Tue 29-Jul-08 13:43:45

Message withdrawn

watsthestory Tue 29-Jul-08 13:44:13

Message withdrawn

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