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My Positive 2nd VBAC birth story :)

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mydisguise Sun 27-Jul-08 20:41:16

After a emergency c section first time round due to deflexed op position, followed by bad infection, pph and 3 units of blood I have achieved my 2nd VBAC

I had a sweep on the tuesday afternoon at 40+2 after a funny coloured leakage (which now Ive had Keira seems it may have been a hind water leak with meconium) as I was petrified of being induced due to he increased risk of scar rupture, so the consultant agreed I could have a sweep.

Straight after I began having braxton hicks, which never became stronger or painful, although I had 7.5hrs of them! I went to bed with the hope that they may become labour in my sleep but no such luck as on the wednesday I woke up with nothing at all.

I dropped my dd off at playschool at 12.30 when i noticed the braxtons again, met mymum for lunch, picked dd up, went round town and back to mums to have dinner. The whole time the braxtons were still coming but never became painful or any stronger.

That evening I decided to go to asda to grab a few bits we needed and whilst i was walking round i noticed a couple of twinges. By 11pm I was noticed more twinges but not with every tightening so decided to get some sleep.

I woke at 12.50am with a very heavy feeling so went to the toilet and had 4 contractions on top of each other. They were definately the real thing so I asked my dh to call my mum (midwife delivering baby) and tell her to make her way as it was happening. Mum rang back a few mins later and Id had a short break so thought they were still irregular and told her not to come! Luckily I had a huge contraction whilst she was on the phone and I decided to tell her to just get here now lol!

Thats when all hell broke loose. I began having contactions very close together ( i thought about 2 mins but couldnt time them as i was concentrating lol) Mum turned up about 01.25am, rang hospital straight away to let them know i was coming in as i said i needed some gas and air, got to the car and had a contraction where i really felt like i needed a wee. In the car, We got to the end of the rd when i had the urge to push! It was 01.33am at this point. I knew there was no way i could have another contraction in the car so made dh put his foot down (luckily hospital only 5 mins drive away)
Mum met me at the hospital door where I was fighting to not push, she literally had to drag me into the hospital and i can remember my feet dragging on the floor as i concentrated on trying not to push. I got into the labour suite and had midwifes everywhere trying to get me on the bed and get my trousers off. My dh was parkign the car and as the mw were trying to now encourage me to push as baby had passed meconium, i paniced he'd miss the birth. but in the nick of time he came round the screen and 2 pushes later keira mei entered the world at 01.43am (10 mins after we left home).
I had no time to be monitored or have a canula and no pain relief at all. Keira was born in her membranes weighing 7lb 10oz. She was slow to cry so had to be stimulated, but is perfect. I had a small pph but nothing too serious and came home the next day.

Labour was 53 mins!!!!

mydisguise Sun 27-Jul-08 20:45:48

oh and the contractions i thought were 2 mins apart were actually 15 secs lol

MissKubelik Sun 27-Jul-08 21:03:06

what a fab story! congratulations smile

WinkyWinkola Sun 27-Jul-08 21:08:08

Well done! That's brilliant news. You must be so pleased. And well done for handling it all so well. You sound like you managed everything without panic.

And Keira born in her caul too - folklore has it that's a very lucky omen.

Really pleased to hear your news.

Divvy Sun 27-Jul-08 21:42:28

wonderful news grin

pickie Sun 27-Jul-08 21:50:11

wow well done both of you! Born with membranes on means a very lucky and healthy live!

electricluluarella Mon 28-Jul-08 04:37:30

congratulations on the very speedy arrival of Keira Mei.. congratulations! i guess if you have another , it will be a home birth !! 53 minutes, wow! all those BH must have been toning your uterus for her to fly out like that. grin

fourlittlefeet Mon 28-Jul-08 12:06:59

congratulations, inspirational!

Klaw Mon 28-Jul-08 15:56:31

Congratulations! Born in the Caul eh? Lucky Kiera grin

Enjoy your babymoon and take it easy smile

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