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3rd baby - early signs of labour

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Sassylou Sun 27-Jul-08 18:54:16

I know I should be an expert on these things now but has been a while since dd1 and dd2.

I am expecting dc3 on Thurs and wondered if anyone had any experiences to share re 3rd babies/early signs of labour.

I went overdue with both my others (ten days each) and ended up having a sweep with each which worked a treat.

This time I feel way more uncomfortable already and have had a couple of nights of really disturbed sleep with low back ache and really strong braxton hicks (enough to kep me awake) which have come regularly for two or three hours before stopping.

I saw my midwife on Thurs who said the head was well down and 3/5ths engaged.

Presumably this is is a good sign?

Obviously I would love not to go overdue this time but trying hard not to get hopes up that things are brewing?

I have heard that 3rd labours can be a bit stop/start and wondered if anyone had any tales to share?

SqueakyPop Sun 27-Jul-08 19:41:36

A third baby can have a mind of itself. You really can't read anything into signs. When labour is finally established, you will know.

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