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Would you be slightly nervous/worried if MW said you were their first Home Water Birth

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Just wondered really. Finally booked in for one yesterday, and I am so excited and pleased I wasnt fobbed off this time.
She said that they had meetings regarding water birth as some one had booked one for end of september.
I due end of August. Her exact words were
'OOH how exciting, you will be our 1st.
Should I be concerned?

She asked if I had done much research. I have.
She said it will feel quite strange for them as they wont have as much control as they normally would. Alao that I would be catching baby and bringing it to surface myself
Is this right?.
She said there only worry/concern was how I was going to control the temp of the pool as the worry of baby taking a gasp if too cold.

I have ordered my pool. But could anyone recommend a thermometer.

anyone??? grin

TheOldestCat Thu 24-Jul-08 12:06:25

It might be her first home waterbirth, but perhaps she has attended lots at hospital (speaking as someone who spent much of her hospital labour in a birthpool!)

Also, if they've had lots of meetings (and training?) on waterbirths, then they will probably be more than prepared.

Hope this at least bumps it so someone with relevant homebirth experience will come along.

Hi Thanks.
They dont do water births at my local hospital, so they havnt attended one before.
I had my dd at a different hospital out of my area so I could use there pool.

However I had meconium in my waters so didnt get to use it, which is why I am trying for it at home this time.

So did Mw deliver/catch your baby or did you?

maxbear Thu 24-Jul-08 14:07:52

I think that if she had said 'oh no a waterbirth' then you should be worried, but she didn't. The idea with waterbirths is that it is a hands off birth to reduce the stimulation to the baby. I think I caught the baby myself at my first (hosp) waterbirth, but the midwife at home the second time (same midwife) helped me out as I couldn't get his shoulders out. I borrowed my friends thermometer which was digital and worked well. It was shaped like a flower if that helps at all!

TheOldestCat Thu 24-Jul-08 15:13:43

No1 - I didn't deliver in the water in the end; had to get out of the pool for the delivery as my contractions stopped so they put me on a drip.

Sounds like Maxbear's experience will help.

Good luck.

Thanks for replying.
Mw just rang to see they are not trained to delivery in the water, so I have to get out at the crucial moment.

findtheriver Thu 24-Jul-08 18:39:08

Well every midwife has to have a first delivery! I really wouldnt worry - it sounds as though it will be wonderful.

DisenchantedPlusBump Thu 24-Jul-08 18:39:54


I had my son at home in a pool, the midwife asked me if i wanted to get out, i wasn't sure (i had got out with my first) she said to me 'stay in if you are comfy'

so I did.

Afterwards she told me it was her first waterbirth ever!!

She was fantastic and supported me even though it was the first time she had done that!

pickie Thu 24-Jul-08 18:59:10

I had 2 home water births but they were in our own bath tube if that counts not in a birthing pool.

Midwife was at the end of the bath and DS came out very controlled and easy and she lifted him out. DD was more of a struggle and came out really quick with the cord around her neck and MW removed cord whilst I was pushing her out ( I never noticed till she told me afterwards)and lifted her out.

So do you think I should just go for it. Ordered my pool anyway.
Like she said she cant force me to get out.
Could just see how it goes along and just stay put if everything going ok.

Was just thinking back to last year when I had my dd, MW asked if I wanted to feel her head but I was concentrating that much, I just couldnt move my hands to feel. so god knows how they would get me out of the pool anyway.

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