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help caesarian booking at portland

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lastbaby Tue 22-Jul-08 22:07:49

I am booked to deliver on the 14th August at 38weeks +4 days by caesarian at the portland for my 3rd child.

My consultant is off the two weeks prior and as with my previous pregnancies started having complications.High Blood pressure etc.

Not sure if to change consultants or hospitals had a good experience on 2nd child at portland.

Consultant is very laid back maybe not to worry me.

Also a little annoyed as he has put up delivery charges by £2000 just today.

He works out of royal free so always have back up when he is not about but would prefer some certainty.

Does anyone know if another dr will take so late ?

Thankyouandgoodnight Tue 22-Jul-08 22:12:48

I can recommend that most fab consultant who works out of the Homerton usually but also from the portland. She's exceptional in my view.

Dr Katrina Erskine 0207 390 8079

newjerseychick Tue 29-Jul-08 13:05:07


DR Duncan can take upto 36 weeks. I have his e-mail if you need it


heron22 Thu 31-Jul-08 17:06:58

hi, just read your post. good luck! i had my DS at portland and am now preg with 2nd one, going to deliver at portland again. my consultant is very good. her name is Ms Claire Mellon. she delivers at portland.

surreylady Thu 31-Jul-08 17:23:52

I also had Portland caesarian - was planning a Portland Midwife delivery but ended up caesarian - I had Maggie Blott - she was great. Wishing you a happy experience too.

scarlettskye Fri 01-Aug-08 09:33:02

used to work with a few of the Portland consultants - Nick Nicholas is very good (was my ob wtih dd1 and dd2) Julie Price also excellent. Jeffrey Braithwaite - good sense of humour and laid back (most of the time!) and Keith Duncan is lovely :0)

twinkle3869 Fri 01-Aug-08 19:56:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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