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small leak of fluid + will i need to be induced?

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beka277 Sun 20-Jul-08 04:26:00

Woke up this morning with a small leak...not enough to wet the bed, but enough to change my undies 3 times!!! also a bit blood streaked so think it was more of the show too...
the midwife seems to think it could be a hinwater leak and if no contractions then wants me to go for a check up in the question is...although it was only a small leak and it has now stopped (midwife seems to think the head could be blocking it) will i still need to be induced?? or can this be avoided because it is only a small leak? I dont want to be induced!!

egypt Sun 20-Jul-08 06:57:27

I had this too. But, much less than you. Hardly any really, but they checked the fluid to see if it was amniotic - it wasn't. I was gutted. I then went 2 weeks more before biving birth. Mine was slightly bloody too. Had a proper show before I really went into labour though.

So, I dont think they will induce you unless it continues and it is amniotic, which prob is.

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