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early labour signs

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pigleychez Fri 18-Jul-08 12:48:11

Hi all,

Im now 40+6 and desperate to go into labour naturally rather than being induced on Tuesday but had no signs of baby wanting out at all.

Had a sweep done on Wed morning and last night had a show/lost mucus plug.
Woke this morning with a stomach ache which has come and gone during the day. Constantly feel like i need a wee and damp like ive wet myself.
Tummy feels tight and uncomfortable.

Just wondered what everyones first signs of labour were...

twocutedarlings Fri 18-Jul-08 14:39:32

OOO how exciting, certainly sounds like things are starting to happen.

Do you think your waters might have gone??

With DD1 (born at 40+6) i started with regular contractions aprox 6 hours after a sweep.

DD2 - Started with a show, followed by regular contractions.

Try and keep as active as you can, that way hopfully thing will get going.

beka277 Sat 19-Jul-08 13:30:18

Hi pigleychez Im 40 + 6 and desperate to go in to labour naturally as well - dont want an induction at all ! I had a show on Wednesday as well!! I have also been having stomach aches/period like pain (every second day for the last week almsot) but no established contractions! It is totally different to my first pregnancy (this is my second)...I had no braxton hicks and no stomach aches/cramps with number one ... i had a show 5 days before she was born and then my waters broke, and contractions...which started as period like pain coming and going 1 hour later. I did go 10 days overdue with number 1 though..hope I dont go tht far over with this one!! Goodluck, and keep us updated!

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