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genital warts ... sorry!!!

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basilica Thu 17-Jul-08 23:18:03

i'm 35 weeks on and my gynae has just told me i have genital warts blush and therefore may have to have a c-section because that way i don't risk passing them on to my baby boy ... but i've read medical articles which seem to indicate that its not necessary and the risk on infecting the new born is very low except in certain circs. at any rate he's succeeded in making me nervous and worried i won't be able to give birth vaginally ... does anyone have any experience on this or advice to give? smile thanks!

BrightShinySun Fri 18-Jul-08 11:37:01

Just thought id let you know one of my good friends has genital warts, has never passed it onto her dp and gave birth vaginally 8wks ago to a very healthy little girl. As far as i know its only really contegious(sp?) during an outbreak. hth smile

bethoo Fri 18-Jul-08 11:39:37

by the time you have your baby your warts will have been cleared up with that stuff you put on them. genital herpes is the one to watch for. you should be ok, i have never heard of having a cs becasue of warts!
i had warts 15 years ago but the virus is always with you and my mw has never mentioned anything about a risk!

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