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I'm on the Offical Homebirth Lists as of Friday !!!

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BabiesEverywhere Wed 16-Jul-08 21:32:27

I have been promised by the local hospital, that I will be sent a positive midwife during labour and that I will be not sent the woman that really upset me on the phone.

In case of problems with the midwife we are allocated on labour day, there are two senior experienced midwives on call ladies who I trust to not shove me in hospital at the first sign of anything.

My incredible shrinking/growing baby is down 6cm to measure spot on this week. He/she is head down and not OP....looking good.

I have received a lot of support both online and in real life from many wonderful ladies and I just wanted to say for those who posted on my other threads...Thanks.

All I ever wanted was a chance of a normal home birth and that is what I now have.

Lets hope after all the fight I had to get on the homebirth list, that I manage to have one !!! But that is up to me and the baby this space grin

TigerFeet Wed 16-Jul-08 21:34:53

Fan-farking-tastic gringringrin

Notanexcitingname Wed 16-Jul-08 21:36:02

Yay! Well done for fighting, and well done baby for etting in to a good position smile

BabiesEverywhere Thu 17-Jul-08 08:03:58

Thanks ladies

I am sending stay put vibes to my bump

SoupDragon Thu 17-Jul-08 08:13:56


I had to snigger at the bit where you said having fought for the HB you hope you get one. I had to fight for mine with BabyDragon and there I was sobbing to myself and thinking ""Why the f&&& am I kneeling in a paddling pool in my playroom?? I want a c-section NOW!" Needless to say she was born shortly afterwards and it was wonderful

kiskidee Thu 17-Jul-08 08:18:24

Super BE. I am currently fighting nonsense to get a HB. It will happen though!

TigerFeet Thu 17-Jul-08 09:15:56

When are you 37 weeks? Tomorrow?

I am getting all confused - I am helping to visualise FrannyandZooey's baby out and visualising yours in... I had better not get it wrong hmmgrin

IndigoMoon Thu 17-Jul-08 09:21:53

good luck x x x x x

i had three great midwives when i was at home and hospital was never mentioned.

BabiesEverywhere Thu 17-Jul-08 10:11:03

IndigoMoon, Three midwifes !!! I would be happy with one supportive one

Tigerfeet, Yes, Franny wants baby to move on out now, mine is to stay put until tomorrow (37 weeks tomorrow)

Good luck kiskidee, hope things get sorted quickly for you.

SoupDragon I reserve the right to be found weeping into my birth pool in a few weeks time wink Gosh, I hope my birth will be tolerable, I can't aim as high as wonderful. I just don't want a repeat of the last nightmare, anything more would be a cherry on the cake as such.

FrannyandZooey Thu 17-Jul-08 10:12:07

lovely news
all the best

BabiesEverywhere Thu 17-Jul-08 10:39:57

Thanks Franny, hope you little one makes an appearance very soon

SoupDragon Thu 17-Jul-08 11:32:10

When I say wonderful I mean it didn't last 24 hours and she wasn't 10lbs like DS1 was

SoupDragon Thu 17-Jul-08 11:33:09

I had one fab midwife at home. The other one (plus the student who wanted to see a home waterbirth didn't make it in time )

kazbeth Thu 17-Jul-08 14:25:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Yorky Thu 17-Jul-08 14:45:15

Congratulations and good luck.
If you have a birth like my DS you will be the envy of all the poor mothers who went into hospital

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