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Urgent - help me re-bond with DS

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finallypregnant Tue 15-Jul-08 17:22:02

DS is 12 days old. Unfortunately, last week, I developed a very serious infection and ended up back in hospital and have only been released today. I am on a cocktail of drugs which has meant giving up breastfeeding. This happened last Wednesday.

DH has done a fantastic job himself but DS seems distant with me. I am going to try skin to skin with him when he wakes and have a lovely cuddle, just the 2 of us but I worry that I may still smell milky and upset him. He stuggles to settle with me but I have only been allowed a couple of hours with him in hospital.

Cany anyone offer any support or help/suggestions?


liahgen Tue 15-Jul-08 17:27:48


would you be interested in reestablishing breastfeeding? cos it is possible at this early age.

Also I think rebirthing would help you enourmously.

finallypregnant Tue 15-Jul-08 17:30:13

Sorry, I should have said, I am still on antibiotics and will be for a further week.

Ewe Tue 15-Jul-08 17:30:22

My DD was in hosp for a while after she was born and I wasn't - when she came out we had loads of baths together and had a duvet weekend.

Duvet weekend involves staying in bed for the weekend, doing no jobs/housework and just cuddling up, watching films etc. Highly recommend it!

liahgen Tue 15-Jul-08 17:33:46

ahh, sorry should have read post more carefully.

still rebirthing wil help with bonding, and as Ewe says, go to bed and have a babymoon.
No housework, childcare, meals provided for you etc, you get the picture.

lou031205 Tue 15-Jul-08 17:54:47

Breastfeeding is still possible if you want it. You could just express the milk and dump it, so maintaining your supply.

I think that you just need to cuddle your new baby, and try to relax - he will soon snuggle in with you.

madmouse Tue 15-Jul-08 22:16:48

Your are still his mum! He is too young to be distant from you, I think that may be your anxieties speaking.

You need lots of skin to skin time. I can recommend stuffing him in only a nappy under your nightie with his head peeping out at the neck. Bliss.

Of course you milky smell will not upset him. He is not hungry, isn't he? As long as his tummy is full...

He is only 12 days old, you have all the time in the word to get really close.

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