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Doulas or independent midwife near Reading/Maidenhead

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Ericam Sun 13-Jul-08 20:30:28

I am expecting DS2 mid-November. Had planned a homebirth last time (5 years ago) and it was a good experience with easy first stage labour (6 hours or so) but I had a late transfer to hospital due to face-brow presentation and then emergency c-section. Am extremely keen to avoid c-section this time if at all possible and would love to hire an independent midwife but as far as I can tell all independents only book for planned home-births. Am not going to do this because DH isn't keen!! Was wondering (a) whether anybody knew of an independent midwife who does planned hospital births (I know there are issues relating to them acting as midwifes at the hospital..) or (b) whether a doula might be an alternative and if so where I might find one?


CharlotteYork Mon 14-Jul-08 18:36:30

There is a lady called Elaine Batchelour based in this area I know a lot of women in Marlow who use her and I am sure she specialises in High risk births usually at home but I think she will go to hospital with you too.

Here is her website

Ericam Tue 15-Jul-08 09:43:01

Thanks very much.

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