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Successful VBAC homebirths?

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pollyblue Sun 13-Jul-08 18:09:42

I had a section with my dd (due to placenta previa) and am expecting no2. I've seen a midwife who says my options for no2 are either a homebirth or to go to the consultant-led unit at the main hospital - apparently the local midwife-led unit isn't allowed to take in VBACs.
She says she would be very happy to support me in a homebirth, which is encouraging, but I am anxious about how well i might cope at home, and the possibility of complications because of my previous section. Anyone got any good positive stories, or equally can anyone offer any words of caution?

kookykid Sun 13-Jul-08 18:14:52

My sister had a C-section then went on to have 2 sucessful homebirths. She is part of an on-line VBAC support group, I'm not exactly sure of the web address, but sure it would come up if you googled it!

pollyblue Sun 13-Jul-08 20:02:36

That's great I'll have a look, thankyou!

FourArms Sun 13-Jul-08 20:13:56

The yahoo VBAC group is very good and very pro homebirths. Personally I planned a HB with DS2, but my waters broke and labour didn't start (waited over 4 days!). My consultant really didn't want me to have a HB, and they would rather have had me in the MW led unit than at home, so if that's what you want, it's worth pressing for it. However, the pain relief options were the same for me in either location - G&A and pethidine (although in reality they wouldn't actually prescribe pethidine for me). Had a successful induced VBAC which I was very very pleased about.

bellabambina Sun 13-Jul-08 20:53:05

After an emergency C-section for her first child, my sister-in-law had a homebirth in a birthing pool and she lives about 30 mins from the nearest hospital. Everything went really well, and she had the support of a great midwife which I think helped a lot. Good luck - it is possible to have a successful, positive home birth after a c-section.

sarah293 Sun 13-Jul-08 20:54:20

Message withdrawn

mumblemumhome4lunch Sun 13-Jul-08 20:55:44

Can't speak about VBAC but would definately recommend anyone tries for home birth if it's what you want, with one proviso......consider how close you are to the hospital in case you need to get in quickly, we live 5 mins away (in fact we can see the hospital from the end of our road!) so was an easy decision.

I've opted for home birth with my two but had to go in both time, second time in a real rush with late breach identified as I was about to start pushing shock. Wouldn't want to do that over a long journey time.

Other thing I would say - listen to your midwife.......I'm sure they would say if they weren't happy to support you in a home birth. Due to complications after my first birth the consultant was very negative about even considering it but my midwife was much more open and after some very lengthy discussions was happy to go woth us and try a second home birth. If she is generally pro home birth but you get a feelig from her that she isn't comfortable with the idea then I'd consider that very carefully.

Unfortunately, had complications post birth second time round as well meaning that home birth is now really not an option which I am really sad about. Am very very glad I had my last labour mostly at home as it was, as much as any labour can be, a wonderful experience and I found it much easier pain-wise, maybe down to knowing much more what to expect. Had an epidural first time (part way through my marathon 34 hour labour shock) and would choose my home labour with nothing (gas and air was delayed until 20 mins before I went off in the ambulance !) over that any day.

Klaw Sun 13-Jul-08 21:03:03

If mw is supportive of HBAC I'd go for it!!! smile

but that's me, I've had a VBAC in the hospital and they managed to use forceps and give me an episiotemy sad Next time, if there is one,
I plan to stay at home, so they can't cut me again.

Might consider the MLU, as we've got a couple of good ones near me (if they would be amenable), plus one that does facilitate VBAC and WBAC a bit further away, so a bit spoilt for chice now, eh?

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