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Grade 4 Placenta

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RachelBailey Sat 12-Jul-08 12:08:12

I have been told that I have a low lying placenta and it's grade 4, what does this mean???

lulumama Sat 12-Jul-08 12:12:50

i believe that grade 4 means that the placenta is entirely covering the internal cervical os, that means that your cervix cannot dilate without major blood loss therefore your baby will have to be delivered by planned c.section.

it is most unlikely it will 'move' away from the cervical os before your baby is born

you can call your MW if you are uncertain at all about anything to do with your antenatal care

southeastastra Sat 12-Jul-08 12:13:26

think that means the placenta covers the cervix. i had a level 3. was in hospital from about 32 weeks due to bleeding but it was all fine.

how many weeks are you now?

lulumama Sat 12-Jul-08 12:13:41

you may also be required to stay in hospital as your due date approaches in case your labour starts before your c.section can be done

RachelBailey Sat 12-Jul-08 12:15:22

I'm 35 weeks pregnant have to wait till the 23rd for scan, it's horrible every pain I get I'm panicking

lulumama Sat 12-Jul-08 12:16:42

if you are anxious or scared, please do call the MW or labour ward for any advice.

southeastastra Sat 12-Jul-08 12:23:10

yes call them today if you can

RachelBailey Sat 12-Jul-08 14:44:23


southeastastra Sat 12-Jul-08 21:02:23

hope it goes ok

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