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Remembering childbirth

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daisy99divine Sat 12-Jul-08 02:12:18

Anyone out there who gave birth about this time? My DS was born at 3am on 12 July 2006 and I am sitting here now (while he and DH snore) grin remembering it all. In less than an hour it will be 731 days since I first saw his face and heard him scream. Not the last time for either wink

Just wondered if anyone else was in the same situation - sitting in the dark, alone, counting my blessings at the wonderful, crazy, rollercoaster world of being a Mum!

sushistar Sat 12-Jul-08 02:14:14

It's 7 months since I had my ds, and I have vivid flashbacks - not bad ones, just really vivid - of the last moments of my labour, and meeting him and feeding him for the first time.

It's amazing, isn't it?

S1ur Sat 12-Jul-08 02:19:23

My last lovely was August 2006. he is a great big boy now.

His birth was perfect (for me), I love remembering and telling dcs all about it smile

madamez Sat 12-Jul-08 02:25:44

I think most mothers remember it more than anything else. My mum still remembers my brother's birth and he is 41 in a couple of days time (she didn;t give birth to me). I find myself thinking every year at the end of the summer, well, this was when I started realising that it was really real, this was the Last Time of something or other, that was the day I thought I was going into labour but didn't.... I expect those bits will dwindle out of my memory in time but actual labour-and-birth bit will be with me till I die.

sushistar Sat 12-Jul-08 02:29:52

It was the most alive I've felt I think. And I was soooo tired, but somehow it's imprinted vividly. I remember turning my head, and biting down on the gas and air tube, and the wierd shape of my tummy as he left it, and him moving his little arms and legs when they put him on my tummy, trying to crawl up to the breast!

S1ur Sat 12-Jul-08 02:30:19

Except that strangely large amounts of our memory is of course obscured. People talk of the pain of childbrith but you do not remember it in a true sense, you have your internal narrative but no image. iyswim.

Oddly [maybe] I remember more of evetns with more clarity of second born. I was caught up with internalising with first I think...

S1ur Sat 12-Jul-08 02:34:38

God that's vivid and beautifully put sushi.

It is a moment to feel strong isn't it? Certainly not for all I admit. But if you are lucky and things go well, it is one of the most empowering things that you can feel. Yet something that has no bearing on acomplishment. In that it really isn't a matter of being 'good' at giving birth, sure you can try thiongs but in the end you are lucky or not and can't study or practise.

And still it is incredibly satisfying if you are lucky.

sushistar Sat 12-Jul-08 02:38:06

It's luck, but I think you can be psychologically prepared, and go in to it with attitudes adn self beleif that makes it more likely that you will have a good birth.

But of course, lots of it is luck.

daisy99divine Sat 12-Jul-08 02:42:04

Well, that's funny, because my birth was nothing like Sushi says at all. My DS was an emergency c-section, he had a cord prolapse and only his hand could be felt - big time fuss, lots of staff, all very ER - and I could not have been LESS psychologically prepared for that!! grin but in it's own way still wonderful!

In the end, it's meeting the little people isn't it?!?

S1ur Sat 12-Jul-08 02:42:26

yy of course there are things which help, not only pyschologically preparation but just knowledge! knowing positions to tr, knowing your options and rights and feeling in control is a large part of it being empowering however your birthing ends up.

but yes luck at end of day helps grin

daisy99divine Sat 12-Jul-08 02:44:55

by the way, why are you lot all still up?

sushistar Sat 12-Jul-08 02:45:04

daisy, yes, it's seein their face for the first time, hearing them breathe...
I remember looking at his tiny tiny fingers and being so amazed!

sushistar Sat 12-Jul-08 02:45:35

I've just finished work! I work from home, ds and dh are in bed.

S1ur Sat 12-Jul-08 02:45:37

Daisy of course in the end the point is a wonderful new child however it arrives smile

I think Sushi and I digress on the impact of the birth experience itself. which for some is amazing and empowering and for some is scary and for some is rushed and forgettable!

All valid and worthy ways to bring chidren into the world smile

sushistar Sat 12-Jul-08 02:46:25

why are u up daisy?

S1ur Sat 12-Jul-08 02:46:32

ach never ask that daisy or I'll have to lie to you grin

MmeLindt Sat 12-Jul-08 03:00:08

I have been thinking of this a lot today as my SIL is in labour right now. (or I hope she is, she was induced at 4pm and we have not heard anything) It got me thinking about the birth of my DCs.

DD was the most difficult and wonderful thing that I had ever experienced.

DS was less wonderful, a emergency CS.

A friend of mine sent me a txt today, she summed it up, the feelings I have

"My children will always be the biggest wonders on earth for me, my most loved monsters, the greatest presents God was gracious enough to give me... So I should better sing and dance with joy than spend my time worrying"

I cant sleep tonight, I am a bit excited for DB and SIL.

MmeLindt Sat 12-Jul-08 03:13:06

Happy Birthday to your DS, Daisy.

daisy99divine Mon 14-Jul-08 11:52:47

In case any of you look back at this thread!
(1) Sushistar - I was up working too - work from home, only time I get peace is when all other's sleep! But at that moment my DS woke going "MUMEEE!!!" loud enough to wake the world, not just DH who would know I was still up!!


(2) MmeLindt - hope your SIL is well and new baby joy this weekend. Thanks for the birthday wishes, DS has had a fantastic weekend, I am on my KNEES!!! I know what you mean about the C-section, I have struggled long and hard knowing I will never have the excitement, trials and tribulations of a natural birth, so have emphasised the joy of the end product rather than my need to prove to myself that I could "do it" like a proper woman!!

take care to you all

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