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can i prevent a tear from the way i push

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beka277 Wed 09-Jul-08 07:15:16

Its my second pregnancy and i STILL hav sooo many questions....

Im wondering if a tear can be prevented from the way i push?

I know maybe ive just got a big fango but I didnt tear with my first and she was 9 lb !hmm But it did take me 2 hrs to push her out. I think this is because I was so paranoid abt pooing tht I didnt push with all my might!! So I was only half pushing...and maybe thts why i didnt tear?? Im scared tht this time now I know how to push, and therefore WILL be pushing like im doing a big poo (with all my might!!) tht it result in a tear??

Experience and opinions welcomed!!!

beka277 Wed 09-Jul-08 07:17:46

The second last line was supppose to say "Im scared tht this time now I know how to push, and therefore WILL be pushing like im doing a big poo (with all my might!!) tht it WILL result in a tear??

NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Wed 09-Jul-08 07:23:58

I think you can control a tear by breathing rather than pushing when the midwife tells you to, but I know that the midwife telling me not to push was just a wasted exercise on her part, I couldn't have stopped pushing for anything or anyone.

DS1 7lb 15, out in 15 mins, no tearing (though he came out hand first and scratched me bad enough for a couple of stitches)

DS2 8lb 10, out in 4 mins, 2nd degree tear.

DC3 - due in Jan.... am I worried about tearing? Yes No wink

OurHamsterisevil Wed 09-Jul-08 13:20:25

I believe that being in a upright position while labouring can help, and if you didn't tear last time, then I'm sure you have a good chance of not tearing this time. Good luck

toolly Thu 10-Jul-08 00:20:51

You know you don't have to actively push! I asked this question two years ago before my second child was born and was sent this article
If you don't feel like pushing don't push and tell the midwife to stop telling you, get into an optimal position and your body will do it stuff. Really

S1ur Thu 10-Jul-08 00:30:13

I tore both times I'm afraid but I was unlucky second time around!

First time - supported squat position which meant a nice quick descent and lots of pressure on perinium.

Second time, I was well aware and didn't want to tear so I was kneeling resting over sofa and 'felt' ds crowning, I breathed and relaxed and rather than pushed just let my body push via contactions iyswim. I didn't tear (then the little lovely got me with his elbow on the second get em out big ol push!)

ah well.

I would mention concerns to midwife and consider upright but less pressured positions like kneeling.

thumbwitch Thu 10-Jul-08 00:36:07

beka277 - I didn't tear with DS; he was 7lb5 and stage 2 labour was about half an hour, unassisted except for the last 2 pushes. I was on my left side for the whole unassisted time, the baby had crowned by the time the MW got to me (fetched by DH when I asked him to) and came out in the next 2 pushes. I never felt like I actively controlled the pushing, my bod was doing it all by itself. Up until about 2 hours before delivery I had been doing my hypnobirthing breathing so that probably had something to do with it as well, but I was told by my discharging MW that lying on the left side to deliver is the best way to avoid tearing. Dunno if that's true for everyone (if it is, how come they don't let more people do it?!) but it worked for me.

S1ur Thu 10-Jul-08 00:37:42

by 'felt' I mean I had my hands on his head

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