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Ventilated after swallowing meconium - can anyone help?

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luckywinner Fri 04-Jul-08 18:43:52

Hi all, my sis has just delivered her first baby by unplanned but not emergency c-section if that makes sense. They failed to induce her. However just had call from her dh who said baby born but is in intensive care being ventilated because swallowed meconium. she was v overdue (almost 3 weeks) and has been waiting to deliver since wednesday. me and my mum in a bit of a panic, anyone had any experience of this? bro is non-contactable so turning to trusty mumsnet for reassurance.

Legoleia Fri 04-Jul-08 18:45:28

Hi LW, we had similar with DS, they sucked him out and all was well - just kept an eye on him. I hope it works out for your sis as well.

luckywinner Fri 04-Jul-08 18:47:14

Hi Legoleia, did it have any long term effect on him? thanks for your reply, its horrible second guessing when you can't speak to them and we obviously don't want to hassle them.

funbags Fri 04-Jul-08 23:16:39

It can/may be serious depending on how much went down etc. The good news is that they are VERY good at treating it.

you can read this link which I wrote when it happend to my friend (i was shockingbadmother then). It is a bit scary to read but the important point is the outcome was good and they now have a perfectly healthy, happy child. When you speak to them just keep telling them to hang in there and that they are doing a fantastic job, every bit of positive encouragment you can think of. Best wishes.

Evenstar Sat 05-Jul-08 06:12:21

DS wasn't ventilated after inhaling meconium, but was in Special Care for 8 days afterwards with inhalation pneumonia complicated by Strep B infection. He was 11 days late and weighed almost 10 pounds with a difficult forceps delivery. His little chest was sunken for a while, but the only noticeable effect now almost 18 years later is slightly discoloured teeth from the antibiotics, he is a strapping 6'3" with size 12 feet and has never looked back. Hope all will be well for your sister and her DB too.

mamado Sat 05-Jul-08 07:36:50

Dd1 was in NICU and ventilated after swallowing meconium. She was in NICU for 3 days, on morphine for the first day. It was VERY stressful at the time, especially since she was my first and she wasn't with me and everyone on the ward kept saying 'why don't you have a baby' hmm. She was also 10 days overdue and all the staff in NICU couldn't believe how big she was compared to the premature ones they normally have!

Anyway, we were home within a week and she has had no noticable long term effect, and she's now 4.5. I think they will probably do a hearing test in a few weeks as ventilation has a possible impact on hearing.

Good luck to your sis and family. I'm sure it'll all be ok. I hope they'll all be home soon to enjoy a lovely little newborn smile

mwix Sat 05-Jul-08 10:56:39

Hi, my DD now 3 suffered with meconium aspiration syndrome at birth following an emergency CS at 39 weeks. She was very poorly and spent 3 weeks in ICU on the high frequency oscillator, and 100% oxygen therapy. She was also on morphine and nitric acid and given antibiotics. The condition can be serious as in the case with our daughter however the medical staff are excellent and familiar with the treatment of very sick babies. Am happy to report that our little girl left hospital after 7 weeks and made a full recovery with no long term effects. We were told that she was one of the worst cases they had ever treated so take heart luckywinner, I believe your bros baby will be just fine.


Mawma Sat 05-Jul-08 11:04:24

this happened to my ds after a long labour he looked huge in incubator at 9lbs but he was only there a short time, think my ds had grade 3 meconium in his lungs which was all very serious at the time but he is a perfect strapping 9yr old now

luckywinner Sat 05-Jul-08 13:05:44

ahh bless you all, he's a bit better today and is feeding well and hoping to move him onto transitional ward today so things looking ok. you've all made me feel a bit better though.

pleaseletmesleep Sun 06-Jul-08 20:07:11

LW - this happend with my dd aswell - was 16 days overdue, she had a 1 minute apgar score of 1 and things were all very scary but she spent 2 nights in scbu - next to 1.5 lb twins so she looked like a giant baby at 8lb 8oz! We stayed in for a week as she had a course of antibiotics but has never looked back and is a very healthy 5 month old now.

Good luck to your sister and bil and your new dn smile

worzella Sun 06-Jul-08 20:16:27

Thi happened to my DS2 - he was whipped down to SCBU - and he was hooked up to monitors - 5 hours later he'd pulled out his drip and was screaming the place down - I had a phone call from the ward to go and retrieve him as his lungs were obviouly recovered. Now he's a very lively and seemingly bright 3 1/2 year old. DS1 also ended up on SCBU for different reasons and spent 4 days in an incubator having had oxygen and cardiac massage - he's now a lively and great 6 year old. DD (child 3) didn't do a SCBU visit fortunately!
Goodluck to your family at this time - he's in good hands grin

VenusStarr Sat 26-May-12 07:02:44

I know this is an old thread but my sister delivered her baby last night and the baby has been in the special care neonatal unit and transferred to a different hospital.

I was at the delivery and it was such a shock as the midwives didn't suspect anything was wrong. Baby was very limp, blue and floppy and she had lots of baby doctors and nurses working on her before they took her away, my sister didn't even get to see her baby.

I left around 2.30am as baby was being transferred to another more specialist hospital and we thought both mum and dad were able to follow on. Just had a call and my sister is still waiting discharge, so she is all alone on the delivery unit whilst her baby and partner are across town.

It's helped to see that others have experienced this and had a positive outcome. I'm sorry to have restarted an old thread but am hoping others may have some words of reassurance? Baby is a good weight at over 8lbs so am hoping this is in her favour. She is on a machine that breathes for her as she made no attempts to breathe but since being on the unit having oxygen she has pinked up and also is trying to breathe on her own. Luckily my sister did get chance to see her baby before she was transferred.

I'm rambling I'm sorry

oikopolis Sun 27-May-12 17:59:32

Venus i'm so sorry to hear about your sister and niece, it must be worrying. i have no experience of this but... Why don't you start a new thread? your post is likely to be lost here at the bottom of an old thread. people will read the OP and answer that, instead of your post.

i hope you get good news soon. they are so good with NICU stuff these days, i'll bet it will all be fine.

you sound so upset, you poor thing.

VenusStarr Sun 27-May-12 21:12:08

Oikopolis, many thanks for your reply. I think you're right and I should have started another thread. But thank you for replying to this one. My niece is making some good progress, I think the swallowed meconium was only part of the problem, the doctors are concerned about possible brain damage. It is early days, she isn't even 2 days old yet but she is already making small steps. Thank you again x

metalelephant Sun 27-May-12 21:36:55

Good luck to your little niece Venus, I hope the doctors will give you good news xx

Inneedofsanity Sun 27-May-12 21:52:26

Have PM'ed you VenusStarr

madwomanintheattic Sun 27-May-12 22:01:49

Hi Venus. Dd2 was born in similar circs but was v poorly. 9lbs and looked totally out of place in SCBU. V glad they are looking after her, and hopefully dsis will be on her way soon. SCBU staff are the best.

Have marked thread anyway. Dd2 spent 5 weeks in SCBU, but most babies in these circs do much better. Will keep an eye out for you. Sending health and strength vibes x

VenusStarr Mon 28-May-12 10:22:01

Thank you all do much for replying. Inneedofsanity I have just seen and replied to your pm x

Thank you for your kind words of support. The SCBU staff are so attentive to my niece, I was lucky to see her on Saturday, they only normally let parents and grandparents in. Baby is a good weight at 8 lbs 6 oz so hopefully this will be on her side. She is the biggest baby on the unit but also the most poorly baby and the one they are most concerned about. She is making small positive steps which are encouraging. My sister is in the hospital and her partner is also allowed to stay the night and hopefully my sister can stay until at least my niece has completed her cooling therapy which fingers crossed will be sometime tonight.

Thank you all again so much for taking the time to reply, xxx

VenusStarr Tue 29-May-12 20:58:26

Just wanted to add a quick update. My niece has made some much positive progress in these last few days. The big thing is that she is no longer on the ventilator! Clever girl and she has had a cuddle from her mum today smile

Thank you again for the kind words and reassurance xx

madwomanintheattic Tue 29-May-12 22:55:46

That's lovely Venus. Dd2 was 7 days old when we got to hold her for the first time (at 9lbs lol!). It was still v scary, with all the monitors, and she still adn't developed a gag or swallow, so was needing suction, but it was all moving in the right direction. Clever girl for not needing the vent any more! Is she still on O2? Dd2 finally was managing without (more or less) on day 12, so they were able to get an MRI done, and transferred her for tests. Are they managing to feed her via ng?
I have such admiration for SCBU nurses.

VenusStarr Wed 30-May-12 08:18:14

Hi madwomanintheattic

Yes my niece is still on oxygen at the moment. I'm not sure what ng is? But she has a tube which they have put fluid in, but they tried her on mum's expressed milk yesterday too smile baby kept trying nuzzle my sister, we think she may have smelt milk? the consultants have been amazed at how quickly she is progressing. The nurses have been amazing, they say that she is stubborn but that it is working in her favour! She is still in the incubator but they are hoping to put her in a cot and hopefully she can wear some clothes today.

They are going to see if there is a bed at the local hospital (where she was transferred from / born at) and once she is back there they will look into an MRI.

Am pleased to hear that your dd2 recovered well. Thank you for coming back and sharing more. I hope everything is ok with dd now? Xx

madwomanintheattic Wed 30-May-12 15:21:17

Nasogastric tube, great if she's managing some suck feeds though - really great! It can make the sats drop a bit at first, so they tend to do it gradually until little one works it all out. smile
Dd2 does have some ongoing issues, but dsis's dd is a long way from all that yet, and she's doing v well. Transfer sounds v promising, and it will be reassuring to get MRI done and see what's what. Did she have any seizure activity?

VenusStarr Wed 30-May-12 18:29:58

Hi madwomanintheattic, my niece is unfortunately back on the ventilator today. She is still having her mum's milk through the feeding tube and is having dirty nappies. The consultants said it is a small blip. She did go through a lot yesterday including being warmed up, cuddle with mum, coming off the ventilator etc so perhaps it was too much for her? She was having seizures so they put her on anticonvulsants and these have now been removed and luckily no seizures so far! I think it was on Sunday she had one every hour over a 4 hour period sad so that's really good news. I think they are going to see how she gets on over the next couple of days and as long as she is stable, look into transferring her.

madwomanintheattic Wed 30-May-12 20:14:18

Aw, poor little lamb. Better to wait until she is stable again. I think there a few mners whose little ones have been through the cooling process. They weren't really doing it when dd2 was born, but have heard really successful stories.

Good news on the szs. Was she on phenobarbitone? Really fab that she is stable without the meds, even if she needs a bit of extra help at the mo. Fingers crossed for getting rid of the vent and successful transfer when she's ready.

VenusStarr Fri 01-Jun-12 17:39:48

Hi madwomaninthrattic (and everyone else smile )

My niece is doing very well and although still in special care is not considered critical so this is great news. She has had more cuddles with her mum and a few with her dad smile she only needed ventilation for a few hours and has now been on oxygen for a couple of days. I'm not sure what drug she was on for her seizures but touch wood she hasn't had any more. They are looking to transfer her to her original hospital hopefully over the weekend. She will still go to special care for the time being. She is also wearing her baby grows! Can't believe a week ago she wasn't even born and everything she has already been through in her little life but she is very strong abs is fighting this smile

Thanks everyone

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