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Does your child have a paediatrician?

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youcannotbeserious Thu 03-Jul-08 12:33:25

I'd like some advice please:

My DS was born in The Portland 6 weeks ago and his newborn check up was done by the most wonderful paediatrician.

He was so lovely that I decided to take DS back to him for the 6 week check. DS is progressing really well, but the Paeditrician said it's good to check babies every 6 weeks and I should make another appointment...

Half of me is really tempted to take DS back (PFB syndrome in full effect! grin) but the other half of me thinks it's probably a bit OTT...

So, I'd love to hear from people who have a paediatrician for their kids or have thought about it.... I'd love to hear your stories....


TheProvincialLady Thu 03-Jul-08 12:35:03

Every 6 weeks? WTF for? I think your paed is hoping you are going to pay for his new holiday home!

Anna8888 Thu 03-Jul-08 12:35:44

Yes, because that's the norm in France.

But quite honestly I preferred the HV/GP combination in England. So much more useful smile

youcannotbeserious Thu 03-Jul-08 12:36:30

Do you know my DH, TPL???? hmm

That's just what he said.

Anna8888 Thu 03-Jul-08 12:36:48

Was he very good looking, YCBS?

My sister took her daughter to a BUPA paediatrician in England who invited her to come back to see him whenever she felt like it (£125 a basic visit) smile

Elmosgirl Thu 03-Jul-08 12:37:19

No just use HV occasionally. Of course he said you should make another appointment if you are paying him for them.

youcannotbeserious Thu 03-Jul-08 12:38:20

Anna!!! {grin]

I am a married woman!!! grin

I actually don't know how much it costs to see this guy - I guess I will find out when I get the bill!! grin

ShinyHappyPeopleHoldingHands Thu 03-Jul-08 12:39:19

Of course he wants you to go back.. If you are good for a Portland birth, you are good for a whole series of unecessary appointments...

In this country you only need a paediatrician if it's via NHS referral (because there is a problem) or you have a little more money than sense

mankymummy Thu 03-Jul-08 12:40:42

luckily one of the GPs at our health centre is a paediatrician so you only have to ask for him when making an appt...

he's lovely. grin

Egg Thu 03-Jul-08 12:40:53

I wouldn't bother unless a) you have reason to think he will need 6 weekly check ups, ie has a known health problem or b) you are so rich it really doesn't matter.

If you can call him in the middle of the night and he will come and see your DS if you have a problem / he is ill, then it might be worth it, but if you still have to wait and get an appt then you might as well use the HV/GP.

ChopsTheDuck Thu 03-Jul-08 12:41:02

blimey! def onto money making.

Ds1 sees a paediatrician once a year, but only because of sn. I think you will have better things to do with your ds than going to a paed every 6 weeks.

franke Thu 03-Jul-08 12:41:16

Here in Germany there's also a 6-week check with the paed - that's just how it's done here. The next check is around 6 months. We don't have health visitors here though so there's no ongoing system for keeping an eye on the baby other than through the paeds.

Did you see Dr Rom (or is it Lom?) at the Portland? I once took dd to him when she was about 1yr - he was lovely and really spent a lot of time with us - I came away feeling I'd got my money's worth!

Anna8888 Thu 03-Jul-08 12:41:28

Precisely, you're married, so you need a good excuse to spend time in the company of attractive men other than your DH who will listen with utmost attention while you talk about subjects close to your heart grin

Egg Thu 03-Jul-08 12:42:57

Oh yes, Chops (as ever) is talking sense! I meant to say that too, that you will soon find 6 weekly trips to the paediatrician time consuming and a hassle, unless you have a specific worry.

ShinyHappyPeopleHoldingHands Thu 03-Jul-08 12:43:54

You can get just as good a service on the NHS. Early years healthcare provision in the UK of generally of high standard. Don't be fooled into thinking your child is "getting better" because you paying (twice actually, re your taxes/the NHS)

TheProvincialLady Thu 03-Jul-08 12:46:30

I also think that seeing a paed so often could (not definitely) set off so many unnecessary worries. You can trust your instincts as a mother and just have the routine checks done unless you are worried about something. Unless you are of a very anxious disposition and then you might find it helpful I suppose, though every 6 weeks is far too often and very yawnsome I agree chops.

youcannotbeserious Thu 03-Jul-08 12:51:51

Thanks Guys!

I don't have any reason to feel I need to take him... And it IS a hassle, as it means going into London.

More money than sense? Moi! grin

Anna8888 Thu 03-Jul-08 12:52:49

Spend the money on nice clothes for your DS instead - they'll last longer than the paed visit smile

belgo Thu 03-Jul-08 12:57:09

Most parents in Belgium take their children to a paediatrician.

I take mine to a GP practice, where there are four or five young and old GPs working together, and I find them excellent because they pool their knowledge and discuss things with one another, as opposed to a paediatrican working alone in their own private practise.

Anna8888 Thu 03-Jul-08 13:00:25

Belgo - I know exactly what you mean. I take my DD to the paediatrician at the paed outpatients at the Hôpital Franco-Britannique for precisely that reason - there is a whole team of paediatric health professionals there working together and pooling knowledge, plus the doctors also work on the wards.

I have spoken to more than one French parent whose isolated paed has missed an important diagnosis.

RhinestoneCowgirl Thu 03-Jul-08 13:00:57

The only people I know who see a paed are the one's whose HVs are worried about 'failure to thrive' hmm, i.e. something you'd rather avoid!

I take DS to the GP or the nurse if ill, for other advice there's always MN...

Brangelina Thu 03-Jul-08 13:03:16

We have the paed system here in Italy too. IMO if you're paying for it don't bother, I got all sorts of different and contradictory advice from each of the 3 paeds my DD saw, which just goes to show that they are no more valid than other HCPs.

taliac Thu 03-Jul-08 13:03:43

DDs have a paeditrician at the Portland.

We save him for when the GP is making no sense (more often than I'm comfortable with) or when GP would have referred anyway.

We needed him a fair bit in the first year with DD1 (prenatal issues, reflux, exczema, dairy intolerance) but haven't seen him since. But he was really great, much much better and more sensible than GP when solving the dietary probs and its nice to know he's there if needed.

seeker Thu 03-Jul-08 13:07:27

Mine barely have a GP!

It'll be at least 100 quid a visit - that's nearly £1000 a year!

That's a lot of Boden T shirts and White Company pyjamas!

Anna8888 Thu 03-Jul-08 13:08:26

£1000 a year is quite a lot of Bonpoint, even smile

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