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4cm dilated - is it normal to be sent home??

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alexpolismum Sun 29-Jun-08 07:56:35

Hello, I'm 39weeks pregnant with no2.

I went to see the doctor and he tells me that I am 4-5cm dilated, and then sent me home. Is this normal, or do they usually keep you in? He's told me to come back when contractions become more established.

Anyone else been in this situation?

TheProvincialLady Sun 29-Jun-08 07:59:57

No but it does make sense. You are much more likely to crack on with it in the privacy and comfort of your own home, unless you are already in active labour which from the calm sounding tone of your post you obviously aren't (and contractions obviously not fequent)grin Obviously won't be long though, good luck!

alexpolismum Sun 29-Jun-08 08:06:39

Thanks ProvincialLady. I see what you mean, and it's certainly more comfortable at home! Contractions are not really frequent.

I was wondering, because last time, with my first pregnancy, I was examined, found to be 3cm, and next thing I knew they were strapping monitoring equipment on and wheeling me to the labour room.

I thought it would be the same this time

Olihan Sun 29-Jun-08 08:12:57

Yup. If you're not contracting with any regularity then there's no point in you being in hospital.

With 2nd births you're often a little bit dilated anyway, I was 2-3cms at 40wks when I had a sweep with my 2nd and 4-5cms when I went in to be induced with her 2 weeks later.

Make the most of being able to relax at home for now, you'll be in hospital soon enough.

TheProvincialLady Sun 29-Jun-08 08:13:17

Sounds like you have a more sensible doctor on the case this time then!

alexpolismum Sun 29-Jun-08 08:19:36

Oh well, I might as well put the kettle on then!

Last time I was in that labour room for 12 hours! I'd much rather have been at home. And I had no complications, so it wasn't that.

Yes, it's a different doctor this time.

belgo Sun 29-Jun-08 08:25:29

If you've gotton to 4-5cm without really feeling regular contractions, I would guess that as soon as you do start having regular contractions, the final 5cm to dilate might happen very quickly.

Good luck!

VaginaShmergina Sun 29-Jun-08 08:27:04

Make the most of the calm before the storm, why not have a nice bath, that will help with any discomfort you are having too.

Good luck x

Tommy Sun 29-Jun-08 08:41:31

good luck!

With DS2 I had a sweep on the Tuesday afternoon and the MW told me I was 3cm dilated but wasn't having any contractions. DS2 was born the next evening (about 30 hours later) after 2 hours of labour grin

Hope yours goes smoothly too smile

VaginaShmergina Sun 29-Jun-08 08:45:43

Tommy congratulations on your new arrival, there's nothing quite like a good sweep to get you going is there hmm

Olihan Sun 29-Jun-08 08:48:27

I was the same, Tommy. 4-5 cms when they put the induction gel in, nothing happened for about 8 hours then all over in under 3 hours. Makes it so much easier if you can get halfway without noticing!

Let us know how you get on, APM. Good luck!

alexpolismum Sun 29-Jun-08 09:25:03

Belgo - I've had lots of contractions, but they've been fairly painless (unlike with my first pregnancy!!) and haven't been at regular intervals. I put it down to Braxton Hicks. I hope you're right and it does come quickly!!

Wow, Tommy, only 2 hours of labour!! Sounds great!!

I'm off to have a nice relaxing bath, more news when the baby decides it's time to come out!

Tommy Sun 29-Jun-08 12:19:46

it wasn't this Tuesday blush

DS2 is nearly 5 and I have DS3 now as well grin

MKG Sun 29-Jun-08 13:21:04

I know a woman who was 4cm for a month before going into labor.

Just relax!

Heated Sun 29-Jun-08 14:04:35

Listen to your body. You've done it before so when you think things are starting to happen then go to hospital.

I was pushing in the car with strategically placed bin liner underneath me(!) having listened to some woman tell me 'go home, it'll be hours yet.'

candyfluff Sun 29-Jun-08 14:37:44

they tried to send me home at 4 cm's i cried my heart out as i knew the birth wouldnt be long in coming they stuck me on the antenatal ward and 2 hours later my son was born.dont believe everything they say!

alexpolismum Sun 13-Jul-08 14:58:06

I just want to say thankyou to all the people who posted for me a couple of weeks ago now and to update:

last Monday I gave birth to an absolutely gorgeous girl (and it was all over in 2 and a half hours once the contractions got started)

I've spent the last week gazing adoringly at my new baby whilst coping with my toddler... I'd almost forgotten mn (!)

StealthPolarBear Sun 13-Jul-08 15:13:34

missed this first time round but


Olihan Sun 13-Jul-08 15:16:56

Ooh, I was wondering what had happened, that's lovely news smile.

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