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How quickly can you go from no signs of labour to it happening??!

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whinegums Thu 26-Jun-08 13:06:35

I'm looking for some positive stories here! I'm now 40+6 or 40+1 depending on whether I go from scan date or LMP. No signs at all of anything happening - cervix high and closed, baby not engaged at all, bump still high, no show - apart from a few painful BH a couple of times a day. I know I could be waiting another two weeks at least, but I wondered what the fastest time was for any of you going from zero- labour??

finallypregnant Thu 26-Jun-08 13:28:37

Blimey! Are you me? I just read that and I am exactly the same!

ListersSister Thu 26-Jun-08 13:38:48

It could be any time! With my #3, I remeber saying to my mum when I was 40+5, that I was giving up worrying, thie baby was never going to come, and 4 hrs later my waters went with no warning. With the first 2, there were period pains that built up slowly.

Distract yourselves ladies - that's the best plan! Good luck smile

Ecmo Thu 26-Jun-08 13:41:18

number 4 was quite quick!

had a show in the morning, went out in the afternoon, came back very quickly! wasnt in any pain until about 1/5 5 and he was born just befor 7.

cmotdibbler Thu 26-Jun-08 13:43:54

When my mum was pg with me, she went to the Drs at 4, was examined - no sign of anything at all happening, discussed being induced (brother was two weeks late, weighed 10lb 11oz), went home, had first contraction at 6, and had me at 1am (10lb 6oz).

PeachyHidingInTheShed Thu 26-Jun-08 13:46:50

for me, about 90 mins including placenta lol

ie very quickly indeed, mw only just made it with doula, 2nd mw did not.

i swear the evening primrose oil helped though

Mip Thu 26-Jun-08 18:01:47

Ooh these stories give me hope! Am 41 tomorrow and have just come back from midwife. I begged for a sweep. She said my cervix was v high, closed, hard etc and that she didn't think it would work. Feel like this baby will never come out, he's not engaged either and bump still high. And haven't even got B Hicks to comfort me! She did say though that it can start from nowhere. Here's hoping for us all! x

ListersSister Thu 26-Jun-08 19:47:37

Oh, forgot to say, with my first I had a 40+7 appt at the hospital and I asked to be examined. My cervix too was high, hard and closed, and the dr said no sign of anything imminent. I went into labour the next morning smile
Good luck to all!

mad4mybaby Thu 26-Jun-08 19:49:22

i know how raspeberry leaf helps but what does evening oil do?

TequilaMockinBird Thu 26-Jun-08 19:51:05

For me it was 43 mins from Zero to Birth grin

Just like shelling peas wink

whinegums Thu 26-Jun-08 20:14:24

Ah, some encouraging experiences then, thank you!

Finallypregnant and Mip, fingers crossed for us - keep posting and let me know how you go. I'm trying to decide if bump has dropped minimally today, but I think it's probably just wishful thinking.

TequilaMonkinBird - was that a first baby??! [Whinegums asks hopefully]

whinegums Thu 26-Jun-08 20:15:05

Oh lord, my spelling has gone to pot, TequilaMockinBird!!!!

BecauseImWorthIt Thu 26-Jun-08 20:20:34

At 36 and a half weeks with DS1 my waters broke. At hospital, they said they would keep me in but wouldn't induce me, unless there were any signs of foetal distress or that I had contracted an infection, until 38 weeks, given that this is the last stage of the development of the baby's lungs.

I was monitored every day - my bp and the baby's heartbeat and any possible contractions/BH.

During the day before I finally went, spontaneously, into labour, the monitor was showing nothing - not even BH.

That evening, at around 10.15 I started to get niggly period pain-type pains. At 2.15 DS1 was born!

I can tell you that all hell broke loose, as no-one expected anything like this to happen. The midwives were not allowed to examine me internally for fear of creating an infection, so when one of them finally did, she clearly thought I was going to be only a few centimetres dilated. She examined me, and then had to do it again, just to check. She then kicked the brakes off the bed, called for help and rushed me (on the bed) into the labour ward as I was already 9 centimetres dilated!

So - it can happen very quickly.

BobbyGrantycal Thu 26-Jun-08 20:22:37

ds2 - zero to birth around an hour and a bit

KerryMum Thu 26-Jun-08 20:22:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mip Thu 26-Jun-08 22:01:46

Yes Whinegums - the three of us absolutely have to keep posting and updating each other. Feeling just the teensiest bit hopeful now! (Though a couple of days ago at a party a woman helpfully said she'd never seen anyone as pregnant as me with such a high bump, 'No time soon dear' she said cherrily. Nice.)

Mip Thu 26-Jun-08 22:02:14

Yes Whinegums - the three of us absolutely have to keep posting and updating each other. Feeling just the teensiest bit hopeful now! (Though a couple of days ago at a party a woman helpfully said she'd never seen anyone as pregnant as me with such a high bump, 'No time soon dear' she said cherrily. Nice.)

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks Thu 26-Jun-08 22:29:46

About 30secs. Someone I know went to the loo for a poo at home and 30secs later had a baby. She was full term, knew she was pg, had no contractions, went to the loo, had tummy pain on the loo (thought it was shits type tummy pain), stood up and realised there was a baby in the loo.

TequilaMockinBird Thu 26-Jun-08 22:46:09

Yes Whinegums, my first baby! It was great, infact I've said ever since that I actually quite enjoyed labour and would do it all again tomorrow! <weird emoticon> <grin>

whinegums Fri 27-Jun-08 14:39:32

TMB, I hope I get some of whatever you had.

How are you today Mip? Don't you just love the random comments of strangers.... hmm

I am now onto trying evening primrose oil to see if that helps.

soremummy Fri 27-Jun-08 14:41:39

From start to finish including placenta 15mins from very first mild pain and then waters went and within 2 mins baby was on bedroom floor

chunkychips Fri 27-Jun-08 14:43:48

Message withdrawn

mad4mybaby Fri 27-Jun-08 18:08:44

my ds was exactly 4 hours in total and very smug being my first esp when i didnt know anyone at the time who had been so quick with a first. Come on here and my bubbles been burst!! Im sure this one i'll not even notice it like it sounds like some of your stories.

Can someone please answer my Q about the eve primrose oil? What it supposed to do

BettySpaghetti Fri 27-Jun-08 18:23:33

The time it takes to walk half the length of a hospital corridor!

Seriously, before I went for a walk.... nothing.

Got down the corridor and had to come back doubled up as frequent contractions started. DS was born within a couple of hours.

Mip Fri 27-Jun-08 18:45:24

Whinegums - nothing, nothing, nothing! What about you? Any signs at all? Had a glass of champagne last night (lots of people have sworn by it and it sounded a tad nicer than castor oil!) felt stomach pains but alas realised it was the bubbles effect... and baby just got the hiccups and hardly moved this morning - his first hangover hmm.
What do you do with EPO? x

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