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doula recommendations? - also posted on pg thread

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motherpeculiar Sun 23-Jan-05 15:51:44

can anyone recommend a good doula? I'm in SE London, so south london or possibly kent area would do


pixiefish Sun 23-Jan-05 15:54:24

pupuce is a doula- think this is her web site
try here

dinosaur Sun 23-Jan-05 16:00:51

website here for Mothers Care doulas. The lady I had is called Debra Keskin and she was brilliant. She lives in North London, so you would have to contact her to discuss whether she could get to where you are in time.

motherpeculiar Mon 24-Jan-05 11:07:45

Thanks Guys - will check these out and see


dinny Mon 24-Jan-05 20:42:50

can recommend a fab doula in SE London, Motherpeculiar. Please CAT me if you want.

motherpeculiar Tue 25-Jan-05 09:29:46

Hi Dinny

have CAT'd you.

Thanks, MP

dinny Tue 25-Jan-05 20:10:02

have emailed you, MP

dinny Fri 28-Jan-05 21:03:52

Motherpeculiar, I am who you think I am AMAZING!!!!

motherpeculiar Mon 31-Jan-05 14:22:06

Dinny - I just can't believe it - what a small tiny world this is!!!

just tried to mail you back but got an error from your email address

will try again later...


lockets Mon 31-Jan-05 14:24:06

Message withdrawn

motherpeculiar Mon 31-Jan-05 15:28:19

do I know you in RL too Lockets??????? wouldn't that be nice

pupuce Mon 31-Jan-05 16:59:38

So how's the doula search going

motherpeculiar Mon 31-Jan-05 21:10:03

well, Dinny has recommended one that she used (possibly originally recommended by you) and I'll hopefully be making contact with her shortly. I just want to raise the issue with my midwife first to make sure she is happy with the idea. Meeting the mw on Wednesday.

thanks for asking

lockets Mon 31-Jan-05 21:14:12

Message withdrawn

motherpeculiar Mon 31-Jan-05 21:18:45

Hi Lockets

yes, we should meet up sometime - that'd be really nice. I know what you mean about the doula being a possible DH substitute. I'm a bit worried about DD being left alone (well, without either of us) for too long too. But am not going to fret too much about it...there is too much else [manic grin]

Dinny's doula sounds great.

do you live somewhere in S London too? I'm sure you said b4 but I can't remember now....

pupuce Thu 10-Feb-05 18:11:54

So made any progress?

mummydreamer Thu 10-Feb-05 18:26:40

Sounds like you are almost sorted for a doula- a fab idea. If plans don't work out, try contacting "South London Independent Midwives" who are a fab source of info. Have you got long before new baby arrives?

Am also in SE London and awaiting baby No.2 - struggling with what to do with DD. Think I'm going to be brave and make it a family affair at home!

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