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Any feedback on Aylesbury Stoke Mandewill Hospital? I might have elective C-Section there

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guccimucci Wed 28-May-08 20:07:37

Hi Everybody,
I am due on 1st of july, everything seems ok except I hav worries due to my previous myemectomy operation ( huge fibroides taken out with C-section scar 20 months ago)
Dr. still cant decide if I shoud go through labour as my uterus wall weakenend due to this operation and I may end up bleeding!
It feels like it is very hard for them to decide on this although Dr who did the myemoctomy surgery said that I have to have C-section due to complications! Please hlep me if there is any body out there who can advise on this and hospital
sorry for the long message!

sneekpeeks Thu 29-May-08 10:42:35

Can't advise on the hospital, but what I would say is don't risk having to have an emergency c-sec if you can help it.

My labour started off great with DS, but complications arose and I had to have an emergency c-sec. Due to previous surgery I already had a c scar. Because there was so much scar tissue, it took awhile for them to cut through. DS was born with no heartbeat and it was horrendous situation to be in, for my DH more then me as he could see what was happening and trying to keep me calm !!

Dr advised that if we have another pregency then a c-sec would be the way to go.
Even though I would love to have a natural birth, I think the thought of everything being planned and calm and not having to go through all the trauma like last time, it would worth it.

Don't risk yours or your babys life

needahand Thu 29-May-08 11:17:29

Can't really advise on stoke Mandeville as didn't visit in the end. All I know is that when I researched going somewhere else than my local hospital, there were two hospitals who fared well in the latest maternity services survey and Stoke Mandeville was one of them. I would call them to arrange a visit so that you can get a feel for the place.
Good luck and I hope the birth goes smoothly

Hopefully this should bump the thread for you.

guccimucci Sun 01-Jun-08 15:35:07

Thanks for the advice sneekpeeks.I am hoping that Dr. will arrange elective C for me. Cause I want planned not emergency.

guccimucci Sun 01-Jun-08 15:35:10

Thanks for the advice sneekpeeks.I am hoping that Dr. will arrange elective C for me. Cause I want planned not emergency.

guccimucci Sun 01-Jun-08 15:37:10

Thanks Needahand, I ll be seing the hospital next week. I am very new to everthing here as I lived in USA for 10 years.
do not know anything about hospitals etc...
this ll be first experience with NHS.

bun2 Thu 05-Jun-08 17:26:03

Hi, I am due to have my baby in Stoke Mandeville (due 25/06) and know loads of people who have had their babies there.

Have only ever hear glowing reports.

Let me know if I can be of any further help.

notcitrus Mon 09-Jun-08 19:28:03

Family member gave birth there last week and no complaints.
There was a wait to get paediatric checks for baby, because the paediatrician went off shift on both Saturday and Sunday after checking all the special care babies, but as baby was clearly doing well and feeding nicely they went home and got formally checked on the Monday.

All the staff I talked to were lovely.

Polyxene Fri 13-Jun-08 23:22:03

Hi, this is a bit late but I've only just noticed the thread. Just wanted to say I gave birth to my son at Stoke Mandeville in Nov 2005 and I thought the delivery unit was very nice indeed. Can't say anything about C-Section, but I did end up in theatre to be repaired for 3rd degree tear and they did a great job. During labour the midwives were wonderful, and the facilities all seemed very good as far as I used them. Post-natal bit fine too. Hopefully by now you will have had a tour and got a feel for the place yourself, but just looking round isn't the same as actually going through it! So I thought it might be helpful to add another personal story to help you build up a fuller picture

To be honest, I rather wish I was going back there this time round, but we moved away so I'll be in Milton Keynes this time, which doesn't seem anything like as nice, oh well...

BoyMeetsWorld Sun 04-Nov-12 08:45:31

Just resurrecting this thread -

Has anybody given birth at Stoke Mandeville in 2011/2012?

I'm considering asking to go there for DC2 instead of our dire local hospital. But I've recently heard some really traumatic experiences from 2 people who had babies there lately. Would be interested to hear good & bad reports from others...

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