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advice needed

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catsnkids Fri 14-Jan-05 08:48:11

Hi me again, still getting contractions but not close together, is there any point going to hospital to see how dilated i am as baby feels very low (had show wed eve)

lockets Fri 14-Jan-05 08:51:27

Message withdrawn

lockets Fri 14-Jan-05 08:52:16

Message withdrawn

catsnkids Fri 14-Jan-05 08:53:15

Tannks, do they class you in active labour when you are 3 or 4 cm dilated

lockets Fri 14-Jan-05 08:56:38

Message withdrawn

catsnkids Fri 14-Jan-05 08:58:51

ok thanks will post again when i find anything out. xxx

lockets Fri 14-Jan-05 09:01:49

Message withdrawn

pupuce Fri 14-Jan-05 09:24:36

Catsnkids- unfortunately if you have had as many babies as you have 3-4cm is NOT necessarily active labour.... I believe they would send you home if you are not contracting frequently ! Sorry about that.

jampots Fri 14-Jan-05 09:29:26

With dd's birth, I had my show on the Tuesday and had a hosp appointment already arranged for the Wednesday. My consultant told me if she didnt see me in 3 days then she'd see me in 3 weeks! Then on Saturday my waters broke so she did get to see me after all! Although it was another week before I went into labour

catsnkids Fri 14-Jan-05 17:51:37

pupuce you were right. They said i am only 1cm dilated and the reason i lost plug was because of sweep on Monday. This has also set contractions off and is why they are stopping and starting. They said i will probably need to be induced on Thursday. Its going to be a long week.

pupuce Fri 14-Jan-05 19:07:08

Well they could have sweeped you again!
Sorry to hear that you aren't in labour

Frizbe Fri 14-Jan-05 19:10:42

me to catsnkids, hope things speed up for you!

Socci Fri 14-Jan-05 19:30:16

Message withdrawn

catsnkids Sat 15-Jan-05 18:19:22

dear pupuce they did sweep me again when they checked how dilated i was, she said my membrane was still thick, and my cervic wasn't softening yet.

catsnkids Sat 15-Jan-05 18:28:24

went to see a 3 day old baby last night. He was due 2 weeks after me. It felt really strange as my baby is older than the one i was holding and he weighed 7lb 1oz and my baby is expected to be over 8lb, so my baby in tummy is bigger than the one i was holding .lol

stewarty Sat 15-Jan-05 18:35:08

I was induced and instead of taking ages to dilate as they warned me,5 1/2 hrs from start to finish!!Another tip gas and air doesn't even touch the sides.I managed to deliver with no pain reliefJust remember to concentrate on your midwife and you'll be grand .Fingers crossed !

catsnkids Sat 15-Jan-05 20:09:14

Can't do the gas and air thing. Makes me feel sick, am booked in for an epidural, had one previously and this one looks to be rather large. Over 8lb, they said that last time and db was 9lb 10oz.

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