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Scar tissue after being stitched- itchy!

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janey73 Tue 13-May-08 11:26:25

Is anyone else suffering from itchy scar tissue after giving birth?
Had a third degree tear 2 years ago which healed reasonably well. Noticed after a couple of months after giving birth that my ahem backside (I think the official term is perianal)constantly sore and itchy, made worse when walking. This itching is driving me mad, infact its starting to take over my life as it is CONSTANT. Saw several gps, 2 of them diagnosed it as just an itchy bottom and gave me steroid cream which didnt work. Saw 3rd gp yesterday who said it was scar tissue causing the problem. Shes going to refer me (though shes not sure who to...) but in the meantime I'm desperate to hear from anyone whos had this and knows how to control it! Nothing helps, I've tried every cream available, avoided soap in the bath, changed my washing powder etc but all to no avail. What I dont get is that the scar tissue isnt anywhere near my perenium, more near my buttocks. I thought a third degree tear meant the skin between the anus and vagina tore, I didnt realise it could actually tear the skin around the area. Naieve or what?!!

Nosnik Tue 13-May-08 12:45:23

Can't think of anything, my stitches are still in so I'm still itchy so I can kind of sympathise!


LiegeAndLief Tue 13-May-08 12:47:24

Not much help I'm afraid - but my cs scar sometimes itches unbearably almost 2 years down the line. Probably easier to scratch unobtrusively though and it doesn't happen every day. Wish I could help but I haven't come up with any magic plan to stop it itching, if I scratch it just gets worse and worse so have tried to restrain myself! Hope someone else comes along soon.

laraamelia Tue 14-Jan-14 20:32:28

Has the itching stopped? My daughter is 15 months old and my scar has itched every night since she was born. I have read that scars can itch for years... Please tell me that is not the case?!

Mitchie95 Tue 15-Nov-16 12:18:43

I understand it's been a while since anyone posted here but did anyone find out what it was. My son is 8months now and during post partum they told me my stitches healed fine but it it extremely itchy! They did cultures everything was negative they still gave me the yeast pill but it came right back I tried Monistat but that makes it worse!

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