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Anyone know anything about acupuncture?

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Leogaela Tue 11-Jan-05 10:27:14

I am really not keen on having an epidural and want to be as drug free as possible during the birth. My hospital offer a course of acupuncture to prepare and during the birth. I have pretty much signed up for it but have no idea what is involved or if is really works.

Does anyone have any advice, positive or negative experiences, can tell me what's involved?

catgirl Tue 11-Jan-05 10:33:44

I had acupuncture to induce labour as I was willing to try anything! Had two out of three sessions, gave birth the day after the 2nd session. I found the acupuncture very relaxing and slept really well following it - which imo is worth it alone! Needles were placed at certain points in my foot, leg and hand - didn't feel any pain, some 'heat' as they were tweeked (if that makes sense). The lady who I went to is also a midwife at local hospital. IF we get round to thinking about a second child I would sign up for acupuncutre again like a shot. HTH and you get other opinons.

Oh just remembered, an ante-natal friend went to the same lady and it had no effect! But I seem to remember she found it relaxing nonetheless.

hunny Tue 11-Jan-05 10:55:01

I had a session a week before I was due. It brought on mildish contractions which eased off after a few hours. Went into labour and gave birth on my due date so never made it for a second session. Can't say it made me sleep any better but given that it brought on some contractions it did give me comfort that it was an 'induction' option if I went over dates.

My hospital also said it was an option for pain relief during labour. However, I got to about 5 cm at which point I asked for it as pain relief, only to be told, "Ooh, it's a bit late for that!" We still tried it (at a point in my hand) but it didn't work. So I'd look into this aspect of it beforehand if I were you - I should imagine there are particular times during labour when it might be really useful (I've heard of people using it during second stage) but best to know before so you're not disappointed on the day. HTH

Leogaela Tue 11-Jan-05 13:51:38

Thanks for the info. The midwife said that they willl start with sessions about 4 weeks before the due date and then in early labour. But it was a very quick discussion so i didn't get more information than that.

dinosaur Tue 11-Jan-05 15:23:12

I had acupuncture before DS3's birth, for threatened SPD and lower back pain, and also for heartburn.

It really helped with the pain, but not with the heartburn - but then DS3 was a very big baby (9lbs 6oz) so I guess that's why!

I didn't have it specifically to induce labour, but the acupuncturist basically said she would sort of fix things so that he would arrive on or about his due date - which he did.

I would really recommend it as I found it a very relaxing experience (rather to my surprise!).

motherpeculiar Tue 11-Jan-05 18:03:37

I had it when overdue with DD1 and it didn't really do anything - however, I do think that if you were to start having sessions 4 weeks in advance of edd it should be very helpful in avoiding going overdue.

I'm planning to use reflexology this time round for that, and again start well in advance.

No experience of using acupuncture during labour but definitely worth a go if they offer it and you've found you like it

good luck

ThomCat Tue 11-Jan-05 18:10:48

i had intramuscular stimulation which is an acupuncture needle but it's inserted into muscle goes in about 2 inches and touches the muscle which sends them into spasm if they are locked up and helps free them from being compacted.

OMG, I can't tell you how painful and downright odd it is, first time i had it i burst into unexpected tears and couldn't stop, the shame of it!

Leogaela Wed 12-Jan-05 08:59:18

THanks for the info. I will definitely ask them if they can help me prevent going overdue (a week or 2 (but not more) early would be nice!)!!! I don't think I'll got for what TC had though - the idea is to reduce pain, not inflict it on myself!

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