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Any unusual birth story's?

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4kids Sat 08-Jan-05 21:45:19

It was 2am new years day 98 when i went into labour ds was asleep & i was alone i tried ringing a ambulance but could'nt get thru so i rang a friend & she rang one 4 me.I rang another friend who made her way over 2 me she arrived abt 2:50am 5mins later ambulance arrived.All this time i had been in the bath trying 2 relieve pain paramedic stood me up 2 see baby had crowned got me out the bath layed me on bathroom floor 2mins later dd2 was born & no time 4 pain relief.Dd2 was the first baby born on new years day in the county of middlesex i beat the first hospital birth by several hrs.Dd2 arrived at 3am on my bathroom floof i even made front pg of the local newspaper.

Frizbe Sat 08-Jan-05 22:00:40

Wow! you were very brave, I hope my 2nd is that quick (but then I'd rather like the pain relief so maybe a bit slower...)

KathH Mon 10-Jan-05 18:47:35

my 4th baby was a bathroom floor job as well! Went into hospital at 1am but got sent home to have a bath. Couldn't get in the bath, decided to go to the toilet. realised something wasn't quite right and when i looked down there was a head hanging out! Husband called 999 and the paramedics came but was sat on the bed by this point with baby - one of the paramedics that came actually drank in my local so needless to say am keeping a low profile! My 5yr old witnessed the whole birth and was hopping about singing "mummy's got a baby hanging out her bum!". He's now the child birth expert of year 1 at school. Had to get a new bathroom carpet though!

geekgrrl Mon 10-Jan-05 18:54:24

another speedy bathroom delivery here - did it all myself as dh was too busy watching the jungle book with dd1. My midwife didn't turn up for another 15 minutes.

KathH Mon 10-Jan-05 18:56:33

must be something about bathrooms!

Yurtgirl Mon 10-Jan-05 19:47:46

Message withdrawn

zubb Mon 10-Jan-05 20:20:52

another bathroom one here too, dh on the phone to the ambulance crew talking through what he had to do! They arrived 5 minutes after the baby (ds2), followed by the midwife, then my parents, all complete chaos! Nothing ready for the baby as it was all in the car packed as we were about to leave to go to the hospital!
As I was fast with ds1 the midwife had talked me through what to have in the house for an emergency home birth but I hadn't listened!

highlander Mon 10-Jan-05 21:06:32

All I could think of all the way through my CS was food. I nearly punched the nurse who said I should be on a liquid only diet for 12 hours post-surgery

Slinky Mon 10-Jan-05 21:10:42

My friend delivered her 4th in the carpark of the hospital with her DH and the carpark attendant as "midwives", along with several onlookers!

hattynewyear Mon 10-Jan-05 21:20:09

dd2 was delivered at home by dh. When I knew she was coming my mum was sent to find our copy of Miriam Stoppard, and couldn't find it. I have NEVER spoken to my mum like this before or since: IT'S ON THE FUCKING TABLE I sreamed. DH delivered dd with mobile phone propped under his chin as they talked him through it. Had the full home birth kit at home but never got any of it out. DH grabbed my lovely white fluffy dressing gown to deliver her onto. It never recovered. . When the ambulance and midwife arrived Beethoven was still playing nice stage 1 type music. hah. Afterwards breast-feed dd in the bath with my mum looking on. Wonderful. All tucked up in bed two hours later. Not exactly how I planned but fantastic

bongobum Mon 10-Jan-05 21:30:08

5 years ago with my sister in an ambulance it was late summer, and sunday lunchtime she had to be rushed to hospital - i was holding one of her legs while the sirens were blazing, the midwife was holding another...the midwife screamed at the driver to pull over straight away - thought it was because she wanted to deliver baby, no, as soon as it stopped she threw open the ambulance doors to puke.

I was left there holding a leg and then catching the baby as she came out - looked behind to scream for the midwife only to see a huge queue of Bank Holiday traffic - agog....
brilliant it was......

Little girl in question is disgusted she was born in an ambulance and says she was born in a van with stickers on it!

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