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Is this typical of a first birth experience? My story.

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MistressMary Fri 07-Jan-05 23:26:18

Sorry in advance or to drone on, but want to know if this is what is classed as a typical first birth experience?

I was due for an induction later on the same day at ten days over. At 12.30am I woke up in pain, quickly waddled to the loo, and my waters broke, slightly pink in colour and then a pain similar to cystitis followed. Ten minutes later the same pain came again.

I rang up the maternity unit and the midwife told me to try and sleep and to come in in the morning. However, the contractions were coming every two in 10 minutes, so two hours later I rang back. I had a contraction while on the phone, which lasted about 30 seconds. The midwife told me I could ring back later on if I was concerned. At 5.30am I rang in again; the contractions were getting stronger and lasting slightly longer - I spent the night sat on the loo, with other half sleeping through it all!

Arriving at the hospital at 6am , I was checked over and found out I was 4cm dilated. So the birth pool was filled and in I got, lovely, music, spinning disco ball and calm. I had to get out as I needed to poo! And that's how I felt for the duration. Most of the morning, I was sat on the loo, with my gas and air getting high!

The midwife examined me at 10am and I was fully dilated! But then she found a small part of my cervix lip which was in the way of the baby's head. So I was put onto my left side, contracting every three in 10 minutes! The urge to push was unbearable. She checked again at midday - still the cervix was in the way, just a fraction! Then she said she could see a head full of hair, but I couldn't push as I wasn't ready for the second stage. The contractions were awful and I was screaming the place out!

At 1.30pm two other midwives came to examine me and a decision was made for a transfer to Bath hospital. I was gutted. She said if I had the baby in the ambulance on the way I could turn around and come back to Trowbridge hospital! So in the ambulance with the midwife I got, screaming all the way, gas and air useless now. Wheeled into a delivery suite, I was examined again and put on a monitor. The contractions had slowed right down and so had JJ's heartbeat. We were both tired.

A drip was put into my arm to speed the contractions up, no pain relief was offered - I asked them, believe me, but it was too late! Wow, they came in powerful and close straight away. I was told to push, as I was fully dilated. The baby was face up, though, back to back, which hindered things. A doctor was called with two other midwives and the stirrups were put in place. Out came the ventouse, which they tried unsuccesfully for three times! I was swearing at them, 'What the feck do think you're doing?' It was the most awful pain!

I was pushing like mad and no result. So then they got those forceps out. I was crying and I just wanted it over and they were telling me that it had to be now! The midwife also performed a cut on my perineum. After a few good pushes and lots and lots of support JJ arrived at 4.25pm, face up and cord wrapped around neck once, weighing 8lb 4ozs.

The midwife wouldn't tell me how many stitches I had - she called it a running stitch. I know it was very sore. After staying one night in Bath, we were allowed to go back to Trowbridge. My partner had to take me and JJ - this is the policy. I stayed there for nearly a week and was really looked after there.

Thanks if you got that far, any thoughts?

lockets Fri 07-Jan-05 23:32:12

Message withdrawn

lockets Fri 07-Jan-05 23:32:55

Message withdrawn

Discoinferno Fri 07-Jan-05 23:33:40

MM I had a cs with my children so can't comment, but didn't want to read without responding in some way. IMO that sounds like a very testing time and would think it dosn't sound like an everyday story.

Pifflobotomy Fri 07-Jan-05 23:34:00

hiya Mary , sounds like a pretty unreal experience The thing that irks me that is if you were fully dilated, what more did they expect from you poppet?
I know face to face poses issues, someone who has more experience than me will post soon I know, but I just wanted to let you know that I sympathise

ThomCat Fri 07-Jan-05 23:36:56

Is there such a thing as a typical birth? It's nothing like mine tbh. I was going to be induced but didn't want that so got on the castor oil and went into labour 3 hours later. Got to hospital fully dilated and ready to go. No pain relief, had her standing up and all over in 6 hours in total. No stitches.

Gwenick Fri 07-Jan-05 23:38:00

You poor - thing I had a CS first time round but a horrendous (though at the same time sort of 'satisfying') VBAC with my 2nd.

MistressMary Fri 07-Jan-05 23:46:45

Yes I spose you could class it as a natural birth. Satisfying but not when upsetting me a year on, unfortunately.
No never a typical birth I spose either, but looking for answers and if its more common than I think?

lockets Fri 07-Jan-05 23:48:23

Message withdrawn

juniperdewdrop Fri 07-Jan-05 23:50:50

so sorry you went through this MM How has it left you feeling?

My first birth was v long as you know from my epidural thread but it's the easier second one I have guilt feelings about. Totally uncalled for as I did nothing wrong? but DS2 was definitely left in there too long as the midwife went to a meeting and left me with drippy dora. Bless, shouldn't say that really but she got right on my tats!! Talking about my pjs whilst I was in the middle of a contraction
Anyway, midwife gave me dia morphine b4 going to meeting and I said to dora, i think i need to push so she went to get midwife. I was fully dilated and poor babes came out with cord round his neck and then slept for a day. Must've only been 20mins between dia morphine and him coming out, don't know if this is usual?
I just feel guilty, like I should've known to stop her going but I was probs too drugged?
so, do you have any niggling feelings you want to share?
BTW DS2 has some SN that are undiagnosed so of course I blame myself somewhat about this. But what is a mum without guilt eh?

MistressMary Fri 07-Jan-05 23:51:00

Hope you have a more positve birth this time Lockets! With hindsight it can only be better eh?

lockets Fri 07-Jan-05 23:52:38

Message withdrawn

juniperdewdrop Fri 07-Jan-05 23:56:17

The thing is MM unless we ask how do we know? You can't get everything from books can you. I have mates who had no pain relief and v easy births. Then I have mates like the one I told you about who is so open with people and helps them to talk about their births. She was in hospital for a few days after too. I remember going to see her and her mam saying 'so when you going to try for a brother or sister?' and mate was laid white as a sheet with a blood transfusion hook up I had 2 weeks to go at the time with my 1st so to say I was mortified is an understatement.

MistressMary Fri 07-Jan-05 23:56:43

1. The midwife who examined me in Trowbridge later told me after I returned with baby that she knew he was going to give me trouble? In that case couldn't she arrange for a trasnfer straight away or was that a throw away remark?

2. Why didn't I get that epidurial after asking for one?

3. After the birth I asked if they would have given me a CS if the baby wouldn't budge, they replied he was too low?

These are the main things I need to discuss.

Sounds horrendous with Dora as the midwife! I wonder sometimes what they think of when we are at our most vunerable?

MistressMary Fri 07-Jan-05 23:58:23

Actually he is a good baby, a good sleeper when not teething!

juniperdewdrop Sat 08-Jan-05 00:00:34

Have you ever discussed this with a professional? Sorry if you've already said.

lockets Sat 08-Jan-05 00:01:58

Message withdrawn

MistressMary Sat 08-Jan-05 00:02:51

Just waiting for those notes the hospital holds onto and hopefully the midwifes that attented to me in my pregnancy, will shed some light?
What will thy tell me and will it help though?

Gwenick Sat 08-Jan-05 00:04:08

lockets - that would explain DS2 then bLOL

MistressMary Sat 08-Jan-05 00:05:24

probaly sheel shocked more than chilled!

MistressMary Sat 08-Jan-05 00:05:44

shell shocked I meant.

lockets Sat 08-Jan-05 00:06:43

Message withdrawn

MistressMary Sat 08-Jan-05 00:08:06

Exactly my thoughts and if we do decide to have further children, then the birth issue needs sorting.

bottle Sat 08-Jan-05 00:09:34

very similar to mine, i managed to get an epidural though - hope you get the answers from the mw as to why you did not - i went over and over the birth for a long time afterwards trying to work it out think it is a sort of process of mind coming to terms with it all

lockets Sat 08-Jan-05 00:10:32

Message withdrawn

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