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VBAC - progress in labour

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JoJoP Wed 05-Jan-05 20:30:26

I am due at the end of March with my 2nd child and had a c-sect with first baby after long drawn out labour (posterior) and failure to progress. Got to 5cm dilated. Just wondering if anyone else has experience of a VBAC after getting to a similar level of dilation with their first labour? Hoping for an easier/quicker natural labour this time! Midwife said I will be treated like a 1st labour and might be long one again. Any encouragment gratefully received!

SofiaAmes Thu 06-Jan-05 01:06:47

JoJoP, search on some of the archived threads for VBAC. I have told my story a few times on several of those. But long story short, my first labor was 40 hours with failue to progress (only got to 7cm) and then a cs. 2nd labor was 5.5 hours followed by a very successful VBAC. It's important to have a supportive midwife. Good luck.

suzywong Thu 06-Jan-05 06:52:49

yes this topic is covered pretty thoroughly quite regularly here, and also whether or not to go for an elective c for the second one or try for a VBAC. It is worth reading

ghosty Thu 06-Jan-05 09:31:51

Well, I had a non progressive labour with DS that ended in a c-s after 50 hours of labour.
My midwife told me that under no circumstances would they let anyone with a c-s scar go for that long next time ... 8 hours tops once in 'active' labour (ie 3cm or more dilated) unless things were clearly progressing. She did say that after 8 hours it was easy to tell if things were going favourably.
I was induced with DD and after 8 hours of mild contractions (and little dilation) I was given a second dose of gel. I had stronger contractions for 12 hours (but nothing major) and after that I was only 2cm dilated.
DH and I then took the decision to knock it on the head and have a c-s as we could all see that it was going to be a repeat of the last time.
It was a lovely calm c-s, no stress and very uplifting (there is a mushy thread somewhere with the details).
My advice to anyone who wants a VBAC would be to go for it but keep an open mind and don't be too disappointed if you end up with a c-s. After all, the health of you and your baby is what matters.
FWIW, if I have another baby I would just have an elective c-s .... especially after two previous ones ... but it is unlikely that I would have a third as DS and DD were both whoppers of over 10lbs.
HTH ...

JoJoP Fri 07-Jan-05 14:35:15

Thanks for the advice - will have a look at previous threads (am new to all this!). Will let you know how I get on.

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