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Any opinions of the West Suffolk Hospital?

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tribpot Wed 22-Dec-04 18:59:13

Hi there,

I live in Bury St Edmunds and I'm due to have my first in June next year. DH has just spent 10 fun-filled days in the West Suffolk Hospital and I am seriously considering my other options now to avoid having to go there when the time comes. Does anyone out there on Mumsnet have any experience of the WSH? To be honest, I'm not really convinced it's that much worse than any other hospital, I'm just shellshocked at how awful and unproductive these last 10 days have been. I am very afraid that we will be left for hours and hours in a complete state of panic during labour, perhaps that's just usual first-time nerves rather than anything else?

Thanks in advance.

Uwila Wed 22-Dec-04 21:46:28

I know nothing of this hospital, but might be helpful. There is also a lot of good information on

tribpot Thu 23-Dec-04 12:43:40

Thanks for the tip Uwila, I've had a look and I guess I will also canvass opinions at my local NCT group. Dh's consultant's wife is pregnant at the mo, will be very interested to hear where she's going for her delivery. Unfortunately I don't know anyone else locally with kids - which is where I think NCT will be a big plus point generally.

Thanks again.

Uwila Thu 23-Dec-04 13:25:31

You could ring your midwife (or even health visitor) and ask if you could be contacted by some people who have recently been to that hospital. The midwife will have been involved with ante natal classes and should still know some recent graduates. And the health visitor probably has some patients now who have been to that hospital. If all of that fails, you could ask about touring the hospital. Are you going to join an nhs ante natal class? That should be another source of information for you.

tunise Wed 29-Dec-04 00:25:16

I had all three of my babies at WSH. The most recent was 3 months ago so memories still fresh in my mind! I think the main problem is understaffing of midwives and support workers but i'm sure that's the case in most hospitals, for instance after my planned c-section i stayed in the recovery room for 8 hours rather than the usual one hour because there was only one midwife on duty in the post natal ward. However the staff in general are very nice and do their best and i did feel in safe hands.
I think during labour you will be left alone for some periods of time while things are going smoothly, if this worries you have you considered a extra birth partner or doula to help you and dh ?

KatieinSpain Wed 29-Dec-04 22:11:23

Hi Tribpot,
I had both my boys in Bury in 2002 and 2003, despite living 45 minutes plus away for the second. I didn't think much of the post-natal ward, apart from the midwife who appeared at 3 a.m. offering tea (what an angel!), but I can't speak highly enough of the central delivery suite. I had a very long labour with DS1, went in three times!, and all the midwives were so supportive. They gave me loads of options, loads of cups of tea (yes, I do like a cup!) and never made me feel stupid. With DS2, I was induced so spent a day in antenatal. Again, it wasn't perfect but little things like letting my DP stay after hours and never sending him home really made a difference. Again, the midwife who delivered DS2 was great. I wish I had asked for a private room, only because I'd have felt happier and more relaxed, and that I'd gone home after DS2 asap, rather than hang round for a doctor all day!
I know other Mums who swear by Ipswich and Colchester - can you go have a look at them and then decide?

tribpot Thu 30-Dec-04 09:13:21

Thanks to all for your info, I think I will have a word with the midwife when I see her in January.

I hadn't thought about Ipswich or Cambridge (Colchester is a pretty long way away I think) because of the distance - I didn't fancy having to get to Ipswich in a hurry during rush hour for example! Although I appreciate that with this being the first it's unlikely to be a question of being in a hurry.

I don't drink tea, so this feature of the WSH does not apply

Thanks again for all your help.

cupcakes Thu 30-Dec-04 09:32:30

I live half way between Norwich and Bury - most of the mums I know (incl myself) chose Norwich to give birth at but a few actively chose Bury and had really good experiences there. I suppose a lot of it is dependent on what staff you get on the day you are there - I had very positive experiences at Norwich but others really disliked it. Unfortunately it seems a bit of a lottery with these things.

tribpot Fri 31-Dec-04 14:36:40

Thanks cupcakes, it does seem to be a lottery, doesn't it? I think I will look further into the doula idea. The WSH will be by far the easiest to get to and from for dh as well as me.

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