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Tameside or Stepping Hill?

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moominsmummy Tue 04-Mar-08 10:35:56

Went to look round Tameside yesterday and was quite impressed – although the building was a bit tatty the staff were v nice and helpful and quite proud to be working there. Only problem is that they mentioned staff shortages meant it was often not possible to use the birthing pool (needs 2 midwives apparently)

Was wondering about transferring to Stepping Hill as they have 2 pools so hopefully more chance of using one?

Any recent experiences of Tameside or Stepping Hill?

sonta Tue 04-Mar-08 11:38:39

I had my dd (16 months) at Stepping Hill and used the birthing pool. Can't speak highly enough of them, IME brilliant, supportive midwives all the way. The birthing centre is ace. Friends who have had babies at Stepping Hill also had excellent care. No experience of Tameside though.

needmorecoffee Tue 04-Mar-08 11:40:20

Tameside is notorious for being filthy and trying to kill people. Been in the meeja a viewtimes. My ma was in and out of their for others things and if the assessment usint is indicative of the rest of the hospital I wouldn't touch the place with a long pole.

moominsmummy Tue 04-Mar-08 11:45:19

thanks for feedback - i knew the rest of the hospital was a bit dirty (I am comparing this to Warrington Hospital where my Immmune-suppressed DH was admitted to a side ward with blood on the floor shock - nothing can be as bad as that)

is it a real nightmare to try and change hospitals at this stage? (I am 32 weeks)

needmorecoffee Tue 04-Mar-08 11:52:47

I would have thought you can say where you want to give birth.

sonta Tue 04-Mar-08 12:00:45

I think you can pick, my friend lives in Glossop and was offered the choice by community midwife. I'd ask at your next appointment, they were fine with her going to Stepping Hill.

rascal1979 Tue 04-Mar-08 13:43:50

My DD was on SCBU at Tameside and the staff were in the main good.....I originally booked at St Mary's because of concerns with Tameside - amongst other things.

Glad I did book at St Mary's cos DD was 9 weeks early and received the best possible care at St Mary's before being transferred to Tameside.

A friend recently delivered at Tameside and was more than happy with them.

HOWEVER, although no direct experience with Stepping Hill I believe that Stepping Hill is reallly good and scored highly on a recent survey - higher than St Mary's!

MerlinsBeard Tue 04-Mar-08 16:33:54

had both mine at stepping hill and will have my 3rd there very soon (next few days )

its very clean, staff are fantastic and i have been in A LOT over the last couple of weeks. They have a delivery suite and a birth centre type section which means you have a choice even in hospital.

parking can be a nightmare and the car parks are patrolled so you do need a ticket (just to warn you!)

In fact i cannot speak highly enough of SHH. I have no experience of tameside to offer

moominsmummy Tue 04-Mar-08 19:10:22

thanks folks - good luck Mumofmonsters hope all goes well for no3

parking not such an issue for us as DH has a disabled blue badge - only problem is that DH is having chemo treatment 5 days before baby is due (excellent timing eh?) so is not likely to be well enough to drive so we have been advised to get ambulance and not sure whether you just have to go to nearest hospital in that case? (we live in glossop)

mrsstresshead Sat 15-Mar-08 00:38:02

i would of thought if you ring stepping hill when in labour and ask them to send an ambulance it should be ok? otherwise you might have to get a taxi, or could you prime a friend to take you?
i had my dd at stepping hill - i did havea few problems with them during pregnancy, but have to say could not fault them at all during labour they were fab. have heard bad things about tameside maternity and the care that the babies receive after

Tinker Sat 15-Mar-08 00:42:19

Had both of mine at Stepping Hill. Can't fault them although I'm sure others with teh sme experience could. Last time (nearly 3 years ago) I was left for about 20 mins on my own whilst waiting for my midwife to arrive. They may alarm some others. But, when she did it was fine. Just her and an other (I think) me and partner. Very quick labour (baby born about 1 hour after arrival at SH). Then left pretty much on our own in own room with kitchen and bathroom. Was only in hospital for 8 hours. It's been rated very highly recently - 4 or 5 stars.

Lubyloo Sat 15-Mar-08 00:51:32

I think it was rated as the best maternity unit in the country. I had DD there. Midwives excellent the whole time I was in labour. Was not left alone at all. However the ward was a different story. Very noisy, understaffed, no support breastfeeding, catheter overflowing....I could go on. What you could do is deliver in Stepping Hill then transfer to Corbar in Buxton which is absolutely fantastic. It shouldn't be a problem changing from Tameside to Stepping Hill. My friend lives in Glossop and was due to deliver at Tameside but changed her mind at the last minute and went to SH

windygalestoday Sat 15-Mar-08 00:53:54

tameside is skanky in general - sorry but its true shock hope your husbands chemo proves a success i have my fingers crossed for both of you ......x

Lubyloo Sat 15-Mar-08 00:57:06

Or even just deliver in Corbar if you and midwives are happy for you to do (Is a midwife led unit)

vicky11 Sat 15-Mar-08 21:50:17

I had my baby at north manchester. Sarah Mckee the breastfeeding support midwife was fantastic and ran a very popular weekly support group. sadly she left to work at Stepping Hill. I would go there just for her support!

matrioshka Wed 22-Jul-09 20:23:54

Had dd in Tameside in 07. Place felt dirty and I got an infection. Midwives were aggressive and unpleasant (with rare notable exceptions). Maybe I was unlucky.

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