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Any doula's in North Wales?

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Lcy Tue 29-Jan-08 20:33:53

Hi, Does anyone know of a doula in North Wales? There is only one on the doula uk site and she has not replied to my email. If my pregnancy goes well I am having a home birth with a lovely midwife but would appreciate the extra support. Lcy

Lulumama Tue 29-Jan-08 22:11:59

was it jo you emailed?

moondog Tue 29-Jan-08 22:13:25

I'm in North Wales,would have thought there were plenty around Llanberis and Bethesda!

Have you asked the mW themselves?

Lcy Wed 30-Jan-08 12:08:03

It was Jessica Booth - i got her email of the doula uk website but she didnt reply. I will ask my midwife. Thanks

Lulumama Wed 30-Jan-08 13:14:46

i have emailed Jo, but i am not 100 % sure she is in north wales, but she might well know of another doula.... have you looked here they train and place doulas all over the UK and might well have some north wales doulas on their books, if you email them , they could tell you

Lcy Wed 30-Jan-08 13:17:37

Thanks Lulumama - i have looked on there directory and there are no doulas but i will try emailing them. Thanks again

Lulumama Wed 30-Jan-08 14:24:07

the directory is quite new, i have not yet joined it myself blush so an email direct to them might be worthwhile ! good luck

HalfMumHalfBiscuit Sun 19-Apr-09 20:52:21

Hi, this thread is quite old but am wondering if a Doula for North Wales was found in the end? I looked on the directory and there wasn't one on there.


mama2boyz Mon 18-May-09 13:49:16

I'm in North Wales and had Jessica Booth as my doula - she was fantastic!

mama2boyz Mon 18-May-09 13:53:25

Jessica Booth:

Karendoula Fri 31-Jul-09 17:25:10

Hi. I have recently qualified as a doula. I live in Conwy but also cover parts of Gwynedd, Flintshire and most of Denbighshire. I can be contacted via the Doula UK wesite Find a Doula section or called on 07717 626399

borealisbirth Fri 03-Mar-17 18:40:16

Hi, I'm the North Wales rep for Doula UK, if you are still looking for a Doula please give me a ring on 01248209577 / 07447829365 or you can email me at I am based in Bethesda and cover Anglesey, Gwynedd and Conwy.

Warm wishes,
Bethan xx

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