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What's a tilted /retroverted uterus?

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pamina3 Fri 26-Nov-04 09:15:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Moomin Fri 26-Nov-04 09:17:09

don't know exact ins and outs but I've got one two and it's very common. shouldn't cause any complications.

Moomin Fri 26-Nov-04 09:17:41

i mean i've got one too !

Gobbledigook Fri 26-Nov-04 09:31:32

Pamina3 - it just means that the top of the uterus is tilted backwards and the bottom forwards. Usually it's the other way round with the top of the uterus further forward than the bottom.

About 20% of women have a retroverted uterus.

I have too! I was only told it after a scan on ds2.

I've had no ill effect whatsoever - apparently it can make conception more difficult but, as usual, I prove otherwise as I got pregnant with all 3 of mine at the first attempt!

Gobbledigook Fri 26-Nov-04 09:32:28

Should say, it has no effect on pregnancy or birth at all from what I've read and from experience.

Nothing for you to worry about

pamina3 Fri 26-Nov-04 15:06:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hester Fri 26-Nov-04 15:55:24

Hi Pamina! Can I crash your thread?

Just to justify it, let me start by saying that I too have been told by doc that having a retroverted uterus causes no problems in pregnancy or birth.

I was told years ago that I had a very tilted womb and so my cervix was also very tilted and in effect 'round a corner', which made doing smear tests rather hard. I always assumed that it was retroverted, but when I had a scan last week they noted that it was anteverted - which I assume means tilting forward.

Does anyone know if this has any implications for ttc? In particular, the old advice to put your bum on pillows after sex - does this risk pooling the sperm in the wrong place if your cervix is anteverted? Should I be lying on my stomach instead?

This should probably go on the ttc area but if anyone has any idea please let me know.

Hugs to you and your wonky womb, Ms P.

pamina3 Fri 26-Nov-04 15:59:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

smellymelly Fri 26-Nov-04 16:30:26

LOL at the 'wonky womb' - Hester.

hester Fri 26-Nov-04 16:34:50

redshoes Fri 26-Nov-04 17:41:17

Never heard of anteverted one, Hester - sorry - but I have retroverted womb too and never had any problems with pregnancy or conceiving (quite the opposite in fact - on no. 4 now )

merlot Fri 26-Nov-04 17:43:58

hester - I've got one like you describe and I fell pregnant twice naturally. FWIW my husband had a v.low sperm count, so I dont think it could have hindered anything o/wise I'd have never conceived.

Gobbledigook Fri 26-Nov-04 17:44:22

Redshoes - d'you think it could have been a misprint and perhaps conception should be easier?? Dh and I seem to just need to pass on the stairs

bonym Fri 26-Nov-04 18:35:37

Gobbledegook - I agree could be a misprint - I was also told at my 12 week scan that I had a tilted uterus (was unaware of this 1st time round) - I also conceived v. quickly both times (even though, at 38, 2nd time, I thought it would take ages).

hana Fri 26-Nov-04 18:47:52

pamina, I also have one, found out at an early scan with this preg. I gave birth to dd with no complications - I was only told that perhaps I would show a little later until the baby got bigger, if that makes any sense.

redshoes Sat 27-Nov-04 12:26:45

I'm not even sure I was in the same room when I conceived! Definitely a trend here!

Gobbledigook Sat 27-Nov-04 12:47:19

And that showing later business?? I look enormous from the off!

miya Wed 16-Jan-08 10:28:54

hi! a months ago my ob told me that my uterus is rethroverted that's why i have an irregular menstruation, but she told me that i dont have to worry bout coz i can still have a baby. After the unsafe sex i had menstruation for bout 4days and the fifth day is just a stain but normally my period long for 6days, and for the next month i have'nt menstruation up to this month. do you think i am pregnant? before i had the feeling that i am coz i always feel dizzy and always feel hungry everytime and i became too moody, and there was an incident that i am with my sister watching dance contest with our friend in the middle i fell down without knowing it, i think it last for a mins to wake me up and stand, after that i walked like nothings happened at all. i want to check if i am pregnant or not but im scared if it is a false alarm.

wb Wed 16-Jan-08 13:21:51

I have this and it did make conceiving ds1 more difficult - until the doctor told us how to accommodate it - then I was pregnant within a month.

Ds2 conceived after 2 months so we have obviously got the hang of it.

Never made any difference to pregnancy / birth as far as I know.

MuffinMclay Wed 16-Jan-08 16:14:50

I've got one and it just made early scans a bit trickier to do. The sonographer has always got there in the end, but it seems to take lots of attempts (rather frustrating with a full bladder).

FlllightAttendant Wed 16-Jan-08 16:22:35

I had one and was told when I had my diaphragm fitted, years ago...Ds1 was conceived quite easily, ds2 also and I don't think it caused any probs - in fact I was told most retroverted uteruses(?) revert so are anteverted after the first child, ie 'normal'.

I think mine did this although can't be sure.

I did have a TVscan when 5 weeks with Ds1 and that was because they couldn't get an image externally - prob due to being retroverted.

FlllightAttendant Wed 16-Jan-08 16:23:14

Btw, WB - how exactly were you told to 'accommodate' it? <nosy>

psychomum5 Wed 16-Jan-08 16:36:23

I have a retroverted uterus.......I have had since birth probably (they found mine was when I was 18 and had to have a laparoscopy, diagnosing polycystic overies!).

apparently, altho not really rare, it is not common (no idea on statistics tho).

I was told that concieving would be difficult, (altho with PCO it would be anywaywink), yet I am now a mum of five, all concieved with NO problemsgrin.

pregnancy and birth weren't effected, but I did have probs thro scarring on tubes conected to the PCO.

the only thing really that effects me to do with my uterus being tipped, is that when I am having a period, the cramps effect my bowel (as it is kind of sitting on top), and so gives me pooh issues (sorry for the TMIblush). also gives me worse period pains too apparently, but then people with 'normal' uterus' have bad period pains too, so pain is subjective anyway!

I honestly can tell you that, for me, it hasn't effected my life at all.......altho I don't know any different!!

FlllightAttendant Wed 16-Jan-08 16:37:48

Gosh Psychomum, I always kind of assumed everyone had poo issues with their period...perhaps I was wrong blush

yurt1 Wed 16-Jan-08 16:40:11

oh I always assumed everyone had poo issues with periods as well (also retroverted)

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