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biggest & smallest babies. What weight was yours?

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janeybops Wed 24-Nov-04 21:28:54

Just wondered as mine was pretty big...

My sister was just 2 lbs at birth though.

PicadillyCircus Wed 24-Nov-04 21:30:28

Mine was 6lb 1oz. So not particuarly big, but not that small either.

Hulababy Wed 24-Nov-04 21:31:17

DD was 6lb 15oz - so just a little under the average I think.

CarrieG Wed 24-Nov-04 21:32:01

10lb 3oz...

fairydust Wed 24-Nov-04 21:32:32

8lb 7oz two week early.

HelloMama Wed 24-Nov-04 21:32:37

My DS was 9lb 2oz! If i'd known beforehand, he would have come out via the sun roof!

Yorkiegirl Wed 24-Nov-04 21:33:30

Message withdrawn

pixiefish Wed 24-Nov-04 21:33:55

7lbs 8 oz- exactly thw same weight as I was at birth

anonmum Wed 24-Nov-04 21:34:28

ds no 1 was 7lb 1
ds no2 was 9lb 2

coppertop Wed 24-Nov-04 21:36:24

Ds1 - 9lb 8oz

Ds2 - 9lb (and 2 weeks early)

janeybops Wed 24-Nov-04 21:36:28

My first was 8 lbs and second 11 lbs 4 oz

blueteddy Wed 24-Nov-04 21:37:26

DS2-7.7oz ( he was 1 wk early)

cupcakes Wed 24-Nov-04 21:41:06

Ds - 6lb 5oz
Dd - 8lb 10oz
I was 5lbs something!

KangaMummy Wed 24-Nov-04 21:41:57

DS1 was 2lb 13 oz

DS2 was 2lb 12½ oz

Identical twins born {at 27 weeks + 5 days}

Socci Wed 24-Nov-04 21:43:01

Message withdrawn

dinny Wed 24-Nov-04 21:44:13

dd was 6lb 7 (4 weeks early)
ds was 9lb 2 (term)

Tommy Wed 24-Nov-04 21:46:45

DS1 - 8lb 13oz - 2 weeks late
DS2 - 8lb 11oz - a few days late

jampot Wed 24-Nov-04 21:46:59

dd - 8lb 9.5oz - 1 week early
ds - 8lb 12oz - 3 weeks early

lolliepops Wed 24-Nov-04 21:48:36

dd 4lbs 9
born 34+2

Kayleigh Wed 24-Nov-04 21:50:58

ds1 - 6lbs exactly
ds1 - 6lbs 8ozs

both quite small in weight but long in length. ds1 looked like a scrawny chicken when he was born (bless!)

lolliepops Wed 24-Nov-04 21:52:14

wow jampot 8lbs 12 3 weeks early ouch what do you reccon your ds would have been full term or imagine 2 weeks plus!

louli Wed 24-Nov-04 21:52:31

DS - 6lbs 13ozs
DD - 7lbs 7ozs

MistressMary Wed 24-Nov-04 21:53:12

8lb 4oz with forceps back to back and no pain relief! ouch.

xoz Wed 24-Nov-04 21:57:35

dd1 - 9lb 10oz
dd2 - 9lb exactly

jampot Wed 24-Nov-04 21:57:50

apparently over 10lbs - luckily by c/s so Im still brand new !!!

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