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St Peter's Chertsey - Good Bad or just plain Ugly!

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Dophus Mon 22-Nov-04 14:50:05

I am due to give birth to my first in Jan. I have yet to hear a good thing about St Peter's and I'm becoming increasingly concerned about the thought of giving birth there.

Can anyone le me know their expereinces with the hospital?

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CountessDracula Mon 22-Nov-04 14:50:54

I believe it has a poor reputation. Sorry. My dh is a clin. neg. lawyer and has had dealings with them.

CountessDracula Mon 22-Nov-04 14:51:30

Sorry don't want to scare you - I will ask him specifically about maternity and post again.

Dophus Mon 22-Nov-04 14:56:45

I've heard maternity is one of their worst departments!

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CountessDracula Mon 22-Nov-04 14:57:15

Do you have an alternative?

Dophus Mon 22-Nov-04 15:07:15

I'm not sure at the moment. I will speak to my doctor this week to see if I can ger referred to Frimley Park but I have heard that this may be difficult without good grounds. Other than that, homebirth would be my only option. Whilst this appeals to me, my partner is not so sure especially given that this our first.

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myermay Mon 22-Nov-04 15:10:25

Message withdrawn

Dophus Mon 22-Nov-04 15:13:29

Did you switch or were you in Frimley Park's catchment area?

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myermay Mon 22-Nov-04 15:26:19

Message withdrawn

Uwila Mon 22-Nov-04 15:30:53

Dophus, where do you live?

I live in Sunbury, am due to give birth in May. I am in St. Peters catchment. I refused to go there. Long story, but I had to jump through a lot of hoops to get in somewhere else. I too heard bad things. So, I just plain refused. My first GP was a jerk. So, I changed to a nicer one, and she has managed to get me into Queen Charlotte.

What kind of birth are you planning? You could always just show up somewhere else in full labour. However, if you want a c section, that obviously won't work out for you.

Charleypops is having a similar dilemma. You might want to check out her thread on small pelvis. (she's apparently part elf with size 1.5 feet)

Uwila Mon 22-Nov-04 15:32:20

Personally, I think that even the most wonderful midwife in the world can do much for the place if she hasn't got the staff to work with (which is what their reputation is -- understaffed)

Dophus Mon 22-Nov-04 15:42:52

I live in Ottershaw - about 2 min from St Peter's, so I know changing will be a challenge. I have already been through the whole process with changing GP's.

I was also considering plan B (turning up at Frimley Park and threatening to give birth on their doorstep) but was put off by a friend who turned up at a hospital in Norfolk and was turned away and expected to drive to her named hospital in Cambridge. Don't you just love the NHS?!

Interesting I just noticed the other thread which has also raised issues with St Peters. You'd think with their atrocious reputation and the constant requests for transfers that they'd do something about it.

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Uwila Mon 22-Nov-04 15:48:17

Dphus, what about doing a bit of research and finding a hospital that is really far away from St. Peters (too far for them to send you back to St. Peters). I think there's at least one good womens/maternity hospital in Birmingham. Surely, they can't tell you to drive to Chertsey. And, if they do, just say no. Show up alone. Tell them you have no car and no transportation.

Oh, I'm rather mischievous I know. But, this is your health and your baby. And I think it's just assinine that the NHS think they can tell you where and how to have it.

Dophus Mon 22-Nov-04 15:56:17

Will give changing a go. If not I think I nearly have evidence to persuade other half that homebirth would be better.

I was particularly put off by 'birthchoice' statistics that show St Peter's has an intervention rate way above both the national average and that of hospitals of similar size (i.e. the 'we only get high risk births' argument doesn't count).

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Dophus Mon 22-Nov-04 15:57:14

Uwila - btw plan C (go to hospital miles away) would also be an option!

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Uwila Mon 22-Nov-04 15:59:58

Dophus, is this your first baby? What if something goes wrong at home, then they cart you off to St. Peter's? Do you want that?

anorak Mon 22-Nov-04 16:00:38

DD1 (aged 15) was born there. I didn't think much of it. The maternity wing was faily modern then but wards had 6 mothers and babies in them. The worst thing was the staff. They were rude and bullying and did not seem to understand other people's pain. I had two subsequent babies at different hospitals and found the staff delightful at both.

I can only hope things have improved in the intervening years.

Ameriscot2004 Mon 22-Nov-04 16:09:32

I think St Peter's is very good. I had my first there, and my next 3 at home but managed by SPH midwives. I had a much better experience there than I had in the USA.

All my friends have been very pleased with the care they have received in the maternity unit.

We are frequent visitors to St Peter's with my daughter's asthma and I have always found them to be clean, professional, and research-based.

Uwila Mon 22-Nov-04 16:09:33

If you wish to seek out another option, you may want to start here. NHS 3 star trusts

Also, you should gather all of your maternity records, notes, scan results, etc. and have them close by. Carry them with you at all times, as you never know when you might be in for a sudden long journey.

Dophus Mon 22-Nov-04 16:15:36


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artyjoe Mon 22-Nov-04 17:06:16

I am also due my first in January and have to go to St Peters. I had to spent a night there on the maternity wing last month due to problems with the pregnancy and it was horrific. ONE midwife was lovely, the others were bullies and one ended up stabbing me in the hand with a needle and telling me she hadn't even pierced the skin when I shouted with pain. She then proceeded to shout at me saying I was a baby and obviously didn't like HER...she was right, after that I F*ing hated her!

Also, a woman was next to me for six hours in labour and as she was on the maternity ward after hours (1am) they wouldn't call her partner as they said she wasn't in full labour (she had been induced on the maternity ward)...she repeatedly asked for an epidural and they said 'not yet' then she got to 6cms dilated and said she couldn't have one as she was too far gone, but they'd contact her DP (as if this was a consolation after being in labour for FIVE HOURS on her own). I felt soooo sorry for that poor woman

My only other choice is Heatherwood which is midwife run but they won't accept complicated pregnancies and I seem to be at the hospital every other week at the moment so that doesn't seem to be an option. My partner is too fearful to have a homebirth so this is not an option. I would like the Domino system but don't think St Peters offer it.

I am writing on my birthplan that I intend to give birth and get out within a few hours and don't want to visit the maternity ward...this will no doubt go down like a lead balloon once they realise I also don't want to breastfeed... apparently they are very anti bottle feeding, but this is just what I've heard and it could be wrong.

All I can say is take a very strong minded birth partner with you...I know my DP will do whatever the doctors say so my mum is also going to be on hand as she knows exactly what I do and don't want and will be quite happy to make my wishes very clear

If you find an answer to this, let me know!

artyjoe Mon 22-Nov-04 17:08:25

Ameriscot2004, I was under the impression the SPH midwives wouldn't manage you out of the hospital due to staff shortages...which is why they also don't offer the Domino system.

When did you last give birth there if you don't mind my asking, just in case I've got the wrong info and can do it assisted at home which would be my preference.

Dophus Mon 22-Nov-04 17:12:57

Your St Peter's experience sounds horrible! I also can't believe that they wouldn't call the other woman's partner.

Have you had a tour of Heatherwood?

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artyjoe Mon 22-Nov-04 17:18:15

HI Dophus

I haven't had a tour of Heatherwood as I have heard it is lovely and didn't want to be disappointed if I couldn't get accepted. I also spoke to one of the MW's on the phone and she was absolutely lovely, which also put me off going in case it had to be St Peters and not Heatherwood.

My final scan (allegedly) is this Wednesday and if I get the all clear I may try Heatherwood again and see if they'll have me...but only if everyone is convinced I'll not need a c section.

charleypops Mon 22-Nov-04 17:21:27

Hi Dophus

As you know from my "small pelvis" thread I'm in exactly the same position as you, only I've just been rejected from Frimley . There are also a few relevant postings on the "due in June part 2" thread (I suggest you do a word search on my name as it's quite a long thread) I hope you have better luck than me! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy

Ameriscot - did you or any of your friends have any kind of complications that had to be dealt with (CSs for instance)? Did any of you notice a lack of midwives at all?

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