Currently being induced - Can I ask to stop?

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Littlebee1990 Fri 14-May-21 00:31:48

Was induced yesterday due to a scan the day before at 39+3 saying I had severe excess fluid. Had a pessary in for 24 hours and nothing has changed. I’ve been here for over 36 hours now, I’ve not slept and I’m struggling mentally.

Am I able to request a c section instead? My mum had a stillborn linked to induction, I’m at risk of cord prolapse the longer I go and I’m really working myself up and just don’t think having anything else shoved up me is going to be right for me 😞

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Boomclaps Fri 14-May-21 01:23:09

Yes you absolutely can! You can buzz now abs they’ll get a doctor down. If you’ve got a low bishops score abs you’re not in labour it’s fine
Good luck

MrsTerryPratchett Fri 14-May-21 01:26:54

Go for it. I was induced FOREVER before they have up.

Good luck!

SomebodyThatIUsedToKnow3 Fri 14-May-21 01:33:16

I had an emergency c-section at night, due to DS heartrate dropping. But when I was not progressing with DS2 in early labour I had to wait till next day. I'd buzz someone now, no harm in asking, but unless they think baby is at risk I'd expect you'll be told not till morning. If you're not in UK and it's day where you are I'd be pushing strongly for it. If you don't get anywhere ask/Google the process your hospital has to get care reviewed or escalate concerns. There's usually a process you can go through if you're not happy with your care.

Littlebee1990 Fri 14-May-21 01:40:00

Thanks all, spoke to midwife and she didn’t put the next gel in and has made a note for my consultant to come see me in the morning. Will keep you posted, feel like I shouldn’t be demanding and just taking what’s offered but I’ve been trying for 36 hours and at my limit x

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MeadowLines Fri 14-May-21 01:41:34

You poor thing, try and get some rest now for a few hours. Easier said than done obviously, but even just relax if you cant sleep

Ostryga Fri 14-May-21 01:46:31

Demand away! It’s your body and your baby, and you have every right in the world to request medical intervention that is best for you as well.

Try and get some sleep now, and good luck for tomorrow smile


happyface42 Fri 14-May-21 02:02:34

Bless you. I was in a similar position a month ago and also found it impossible to sleep in a hospital with all of the noise. I went in for a balloon induction and then had to wait 2 days until they had room for me on the delivery suite to break my waters! Definitely speak to a MW that's on shift and have a cry if you have to! I did the same and broke down and said I want to go home, they were really lovely to me and found me a side room to sleep in whilst I waited and reassured me about my worries. I found both deep breathes helped me with my anxiety and try to focus on positive thoughts (I know sometimes easier said than done). Good luck!

Littlebee1990 Fri 14-May-21 07:03:28

She just said she will handover to the day staff at 7am and they’ll confirm a time the consultant can come talk to me. I feel so anxious about speaking up, so ridiculous. I know they’re going to pressure me to continue but I don’t want too

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mayblossominapril Fri 14-May-21 07:08:39

I had a long augmented labour with my first and had an emcs by maternal request at 7cm dilated! They did it within the hour but ds was in slight distress.
DH was quite forceful with the staff and said ds it had gone on long enough and to get him out.
You will probably have to be determined and refuse to let them do anything else regarding the induction. Have you got someone who can visit? Good luck

Theunamedcat Fri 14-May-21 07:09:22

Its what was offered to me if I made no progress with the pessary they wanted to stop the induction due to no beds and/or not enough midwifes there was plenty on post op though so they were going to transfer me to there but I had the baby 🤣

Puntastic Fri 14-May-21 07:12:09

You go with what feels right to you, OP. FWIW, given the risk of cord prolapse with excess fluid, I would be going straight down the C-Section route too.

Redwinestillfine Fri 14-May-21 07:12:29

Do you have anyone with you op to speak up for you and make sure you are not pressured into something you don't want?

romdowa Fri 14-May-21 07:16:51

You just have to be very clear that you do not want to continue with the induction. It's your medical treatment and you do have a say in it

MyOtherProfile Fri 14-May-21 07:18:03

I did the same as you. It was fine. It's your delivery so ask for what you want. All the best!

Screwcorona Fri 14-May-21 07:26:55

Another for yes definitly. I'm glad you're talking this through with a consultant.

I had induction for my first and although baby came fine it was horrendously long, painful and ended in crisis. If I knew my rights I would've stopped ot like you. Best of luck 💕

Littlebee1990 Fri 14-May-21 07:35:53

Wow thank you all so much, who needs real life when they have this army making them feel empowered!

My partner is only allowed here an hour a day but said he will happily call whoever he needs to help fight any corner but he’s helped me make a long list of my reasons and why I feel it’s best and I won’t allow them to keep trying.

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Littlebee1990 Fri 14-May-21 07:39:26

Here’s my list, welcome any input or suggestions!

If I needed to be induced due to medical reasons then why can’t I have a section cos of medical reasons after 36 hours of trying the induction route?

Have tried the first stage of the induction process and consultant said I could stop at any point but doesn’t feel that way. Consultant was happy on Tuesday to book me in for planned but said would be next week due to calendars and best to come here and try induction process.. I have done this

Considered all the risks and I really don’t want to continue to push my body this way. Petrified of cord prolapse as mum had a stillborn linked to this and a failed placenta and the fact his head is 99th centile and his stomach has dropped to 17th worries me

Prevention rather than reaction, not working and cervix not favourable

Feeling less movement, have had to drink lucozade every morning to wake him up on the monitor at MW request.

Cervix still closed, less engaged than my midwife appointment last week.

Please respect my wishes and concerns and help me deliver my baby.

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Ritasueandbobtoo9 Fri 14-May-21 07:43:11

Good luck, I don’t think the medical profession really understand the exhaustion of induction and the effect it has on the mothers mental well being. Xxx

LEMtheoriginal Fri 14-May-21 07:43:58

Good for you OP. flowers

TiredMummyZZZ Fri 14-May-21 07:43:59


I hope you get the c section you want! If you’re on your own just try to be strong and stand up for yourself if you feel hospital staff are trying to lead you down another route. Good luck and congratulations! X

Onceuponatime1818 Fri 14-May-21 07:46:18

You need to be assertive, keep asking, keep buzzing, you are your own advocate.

Good luck

nellly Fri 14-May-21 07:47:27

Good luck I hope your get your section ASAP! Those are all good reasons and frankly you don't even need one, maternal request is supposed to be enough!

BertieBotts Fri 14-May-21 07:48:46

Considering induction is normally an attempt to avoid a c-section I'm sure they'll be happy to give you one if you're happy to have one.

I'd argue that an elective section is far less risky than an emergency one, which there's a good chance you'll end up having anyway with a long drawn out induction, as well as your very sensible concerns about the risk factors of cord prolapse etc.

Don't feel embarrassed or cheeky - it's your body, your baby, your instinct, your care. You're allowed to ask questions and make requests. They should not outright turn it down, it should be a discussion - for example, somebody wanting a c-section simply for planning and scheduling reasons should be informed of the increased risks. But that's not your situation.

AllTheUsernamesAreAlreadyTaken Fri 14-May-21 07:50:54

Contact PALS. They can give you advice and get things moving for you x

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